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Make sure you work with a Houston office cleaning crew that addresses all the areas of your office.

When you hire a Houston office cleaning crew for your facility, you need peace of mind every detail is under control. Cleaning and sanitizing each and every surface in your office is important for both appearances and hygiene. Yet, there are many areas of your office that may go unnoticed. If you’re dealing with a cleaning team that frequently neglects to clean areas in your office, it may be time for a new janitorial company for your facility.

The Importance of Houston Office Cleaning

Houston office cleaning services offer many benefits for your facility. Regular cleaning helps remove dirt, grime, and debris that can cause damage. For instance, ground in dirt not only stains carpets, it can also cause them to look dingy and begin to deteriorate even quicker. Therefore, cleaning helps keep items in good condition for long-term savings. 

Also, cleaning services for your office help you look more professional. No one wants to walk into a workplace and find crumbs on the tables, stains on the carpet, and a thick layer of dust everywhere they see. It looks bad and makes an incredibly poor first impression. You don’t want employees, clients, or visitors to feel afraid to touch anything in your office! Cleaning shows that you respect your space and everyone in it and also makes everything look more professional. 

Another benefit of regular Houston office cleaning is that it can reduce the number of germs and allergens in your workplace. This is an important step for keeping everyone in your office happy and healthy. If germs and allergens are allowed to multiply in your workplace, you may find frequent sickness lowers performance and increases absenteeism. Cleaning helps promote health in the workplace, which we’re sure almost everyone can get behind.

Commonly Forgotten Areas of Houston Office Cleaning

It’s a common misconception that if something doesn’t look dirty, it doesn’t need cleaning. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Houston commercial cleaning services address not only visible soils, but also invisible dirt and germs. Dirt and germs, even if they’re hard to see, can make people sick and cause premature wear and tear over time. Unfortunately, there are many commonly forgotten spots in the office that require regular cleaning. Make sure your commercial cleaning crew addresses these often neglected spots to ensure you have a perfectly clean and sanitary workplace.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Under Desks/Machines

It sounds simple, but many cleaning crews only vacuum, sweep, or mop floors that are easily visible. Moving chairs out from under desks is necessary for a complete clean. Yet, many crews do not do this, leaving dirt and germs to breed under your employees’ desks. Of course, cleaning under heavy equipment may not be necessary every week, though you should aim to do so at least a few times a year. However, small steps like taking time to clean underneath desks and chairs can go a long way in keeping your office clean. 

Houston Office Cleaning for Printers, Copiers, and Other Equipment

Take a look at your office printer, copier, laminator, or any other common equipment in your workplace. Is it covered in a layer of dust? Are there smudges and grime on and around the buttons? Can you imagine the number of germs on the surfaces, waiting to attack your delicate immune system? It’s easy to forget to clean office equipment, but this is an important step for comprehensive Houston janitorial services. Some light dusting and wiping down the high touch points on your equipment is a simple step that can have big impacts on office hygiene. 

Houston Janitorial Services for Light Fixtures, Fans, and Ceilings

Also, let’s not forget to look up for Houston office cleaning. Light fixtures, fans, and ceilings can collect just as much dirt and grime as any other surface. If your light fixtures look like a graveyard for insects or you’re noticing they seem dimmer than usual, it might be that your current cleaning crew has forgotten to dust and clean up above your head. Ceilings, lights, and fans can all harbor dust, germs, and cobwebs that affect the look of your office and can also make people sick. 

Commercial Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning for the Office

When was the last time your office chair got a good cleaning? What about the chairs and furniture in your lobby or waiting area? Just like any other surface in your office, these areas can harbor germs and dirt. Whether your office furniture is made of hard materials like metal and plastic or you primarily have upholstered office furniture, it needs regular cleaning to keep it in its best condition, looking great, and also sanitary. Dirty office furniture may wear out easier, develop unsightly stains, and can even cause unpleasant smells throughout your office.

Cleaning and Disinfecting High Touch Areas

Any Houston office cleaning program should include cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas, particularly with the pandemic still raging on. Light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles, handrails, and many other surfaces see frequent use by many different people. This increases the potential for harboring and spreading germs throughout your building. Nevertheless, many cleaning crews forget these areas and let the germs keep breeding.

Houston Office Cleaning for Walls

Just like ceilings, office walls can also collect dust and grime, making your office look unkempt and unsanitary. Regular dusting or vacuuming helps reduce the number of germs and allergens in your office. Also, your Houston office cleaning crew should spot clean areas as necessary when there are visible smudges to keep your office looking great.

Disinfecting Garbage Cans

Houston commercial cleaning services almost always include taking out the trash. However, how often do you think your current crew is disinfecting the trash can itself? Trash cans are potentially the germiest area in your office, yet they’re frequently the most neglected when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. What’s worse, without regular cleaning, they can easily become the source of bad odors in your office that can be difficult to track down.

Houston Office Cleaning for Desks, Keyboards, and Mice

Some of the most used surfaces and equipment in your office are also some of the most neglected. Your employees likely use their desks, keyboards, and mice every single day. Yet, many cut-rate cleaning crews don’t clean or disinfect these surfaces. Unfortunately, this can make these areas germ hotspots that can make people sick, particularly if you’re a hot desking office. Your office cleaning crew should regularly dust and sanitize these areas for a healthy work environment.

Office Plant Cleaning

Office plants are great to keep around, as they help brighten up your space. They also help absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, which can help improve indoor air quality. However, even the office plants aren’t safe from dust, germs, and messes. Dusting is an important part of your Houston janitorial services, but many cleaning crews overlook this area and forget to check plant leaves for dust and grime. A quick wipe with a dry or damp cloth can help keep your office looking clean and can also help your plant. In addition, dirt and water spills happen when you have plants, but your cleaning crew should be getting rid of these messes regularly.

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