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Janitorial Solutions for Houston SchoolsAnother health concern is the presence of bodily fluids in the restrooms.  Janitorial services workers need to be thoroughly trained in restroom cleaning to reduce the spread of germs.  Specific cleaning methods should also be used for desktops, doorknobs, and water fountains applying quality disinfectant products. Schools can present risks for slip and falls due to wet floors or objects lying on the floors.  Services employees should monitor cafeterias, halls, and restrooms to take care of this safety concern.

Accredited Building Services is a full service company that can provide schools with complete janitorial services. We have been in the business since 1980! We provide not only school cleaning, but a full array of janitorial services for your building.  Let us expertly clean your school and more.  Give us a call at 281-578-2296 for a fast response to your individual needs.

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Security is of utmost concern to school administrators.  Janitorial services employees should have background checks and drug testing.  They must be trusted to work around children and have good communication skills and work in a professional manner.  The cleaners should be aware of the school’s culture and priorities and be accommodating with staff needs or requests.  Scheduling for school janitorial services must be flexible and well organized.  For example, there may be special events at different times such as athletic events, music programs, or evening meetings that need careful coordination with the cleaning staff. During summer and holiday breaks, specialized janitorial services are normally performed.  This typically involves floor strip and wax, deep carpet cleaning, washing walls, and power washing of outside sidewalk and parking areas. When formulating an annual budget for janitorial services, one needs to consider all direct and indirect costs.  This includes direct labor, labor burden, equipment and supplies, insurance, and administrative costs.  Normally, when you add all those things together, a janitorial services company can get you the same quality of cleaning for a much lower price.