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Not All Created EqualIn order for a Houston commercial janitorial company to achieve this level of consistent quality, there should first and foremost be an uncompromised commitment to standards of excellence in office cleaning. In order to accomplish this level of excellence, a Houston commercial janitorial company should have a high degree of expertise in the management staff, a workable process of training and supervising the janitors performing the office cleaning, and a system of inspecting the work. You should not have to be constantly going around and checking to see if the cleaning crew did their job the night before. The janitorial company should be managing the cleaning – not you.

If a Houston commercial janitorial company sub-contracts their work to somebody else to do the cleaning and waits for you, the customer, to call them every time there is a problem or and issue, then they are not really managing the cleaning – you are. They simply send workers to your building and hope that the work gets done.

Accredited Building Services is a Houston commercial janitorial company that takes offense to this approach of office cleaning. We have the attitude that you should not be managing the cleaning operations, we should.

So how does Accredited Building Services accomplish this? First of all, we hire managers that are not simply looking for a job, but a career opportunity. We offer incentives and a rewarding future-based on performance and integrity. Our view of developing people is different than the average commercial janitorial company in Houston.

But this difference produces motivated employees that are committed to doing a tough job, and doing office cleaning right.

Don’t let your subpar commercial janitorial and office cleaning company give your bosses, fellow employees, or investors a bad impression of you. Simply give us a call and we can get it taken care of cost efficiently and time efficiently. You can reach us at 281-578-2296 for a fast response to your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to call.