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mug and spilled coffee needs Houston commercial cleaning
There are several Houston commercial cleaning secrets to help you prevent and clean up coffee stains around the office.

Coffee — It’s the lifeblood of the modern office. If you don’t believe us, try hiding the communal coffee maker for a morning and see how fast people turn on you. However, coffee is also one of the worst offenders for stains around the office, making your workplace look less professional and even unkempt in some cases. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to properly clean up coffee spills and stains in your workplace. We have some Houston commercial cleaning tips based on years of expertise to help you prevent coffee stains everywhere in your office. In this article, we’ll discuss some helpful ways to address coffee spills practically anywhere you might find them in the workplace.

Houston Commercial Cleaning for Coffee on Desks

One of the most common places you’ll find an office coffee spill is on desks in your office. Whether a small spill, a total catastrophe, or even a forgotten mug ring, these can collect bacteria and make desks in your office look dirty. Now, if you spill coffee, typically all you need to do is simply wipe it up with a paper towel or rag immediately. However, if you find a dried coffee stain on your desk, then it may need a little extra TLC. 

Cleaning Coffee Off Wood Desks

Pure wood desks are a beautiful and ultra-professional option for desks in your workplace, but they may require some extra care for Houston commercial cleaning. If you spilled coffee on your wood desk and didn’t manage to soak it up with a rag in time, it can seep into the wood and cause staining and warping. Our best tip for this situation is to try cleaning it with some diluted white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar can help break down the tannins in the coffee and may remove that coffee stain. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning for Coffee Spilled on Laminate Desks

Most offices opt for desks made of compressed wood with a laminate overlay. If you find a coffee stain on this type of desk, the good news is it’s often much easier to remove than from a real wood desk. Laminate is naturally moisture and stain resistant. Therefore, if you find a coffee ring on your desk, all you’ll need is a mild detergent (like a multi-purpose cleaner) and maybe some elbow grease. These “stains” should actually wipe away pretty easily. 

If the stain is stubborn, you can try making a baking soda and water paste and gently rubbing the stain with this. The baking soda is a mild abrasive, so it’s important to be careful when using it for Houston commercial cleaning purposes. Otherwise you may inadvertently damage the desk surface. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning for Coffee Spills on Carpet

One of the most dreaded coffee spills is onto the office carpet. Carpets often stain easily and can be difficult to clean. Luckily, we have a few Houston commercial cleaning tips that can help you avoid permanent stains in your office. 

Cleaning Up Fresh Coffee Spills on Office Carpet

The best way to prevent a stain is to clean up a coffee spill on carpet immediately. The longer the coffee sits on the carpet, the more it seeps in and the stain takes hold. Start by blotting to remove as much of the coffee as possible. Then, try adding clean, cool water to the stain to dilute it and continue blotting. If you act fast enough, you can essentially rinse the stain out of the carpet with this method. 

If that Houston commercial cleaning method isn’t doing the trick, break out a carpet cleaning spot treatment. It’s helpful to keep that on-hand in your office for accidents like spilled coffee. Some recommend using diluted hydrogen peroxide if you don’t have a carpet spot treatment, but be careful, as hydrogen peroxide can discolor many carpets. 

Get Houston Janitorial Services for Dried Coffee Stains on the Carpet

If the stain has set in because the above cleaning methods didn’t work or because you didn’t catch the coffee spill in time, typically the best course of action is to call your cleaning team for extra Houston janitorial services. Often, professional carpet cleaning can remove stains like coffee from your office carpet when other methods fail. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning for Coffee on Upholstery

If you have upholstered furniture in your office, then it may also be vulnerable to coffee spills. Houston commercial cleaning for coffee spills on upholstery is similar to removing coffee from carpets. The first step is to blot away as much of the coffee as you can before trying to dilute it with water. For tough stains, follow up with a spot treatment for the specific type of upholstery. If this doesn’t work, call your Houston office cleaning services team for help. We offer upholstery cleaning that may help remove the stain. 

Cleaning Coffee Spills on Tile Floors

Now, tile is often easier to clean than carpet, but even tile floors aren’t safe from the staining power of coffee. Tile grout and some types of stone tile may be vulnerable to coffee stains.

Houston Commercial Cleaning for Grout & Stone Tiles

If you spill coffee on your office floor and it starts seeping into the grout, you may need to act quickly. Grout is porous, which means it can easily soak up the spill and stain. This is particularly bad if you have light-colored grout. Typically, the best option is to make a paste out of baking soda and vinegar and apply it to the grout. The chemical reaction may help prevent a stain forming on the grout. Then, scrub the grout and rinse it away. For set in stains, consider using a grout bleaching pen. 

Stone tiles have a similar problem because they are porous. Once again, the key here is to catch the spill as soon as possible and soak up as much as you can. Then, you can follow up with the same steps as cleaning coffee from grout using vinegar and baking soda. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning Tips for Coffee Spilled on Walls

For truly disastrous coffee spills, you might find coffee stains on your office walls. Cleaning coffee off of walls often depends on the type of paint or wall covering you have. However, typically a good place to start is with a simple damp cloth. Rub gently and often the spill will disappear. Or, if you’re having a tough time cleaning the coffee off, try a mild detergent like a multipurpose cleaner. If the stain is still there, then you may need to repaint. Our maintenance professionals can help with this to get your walls back in top shape after a spill.

Professional Houston Office Cleaning Services from Accredited Building Services

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