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It’s 7:30 am on a Monday morning. You’ve come into your Houston area office early to work on those reports your boss has been pestering you about for the past week and a half. You sit down at your desk, ready to go, and reach to turn your computer on but it won’t start up. Those darn janitorial cleaning ladies must have unplugged it while they were cleaning this weekend. You grumpily get down on your hands and knees about to plug your computer cord back in, when the overpowering stench of last Friday’s tuna salad drifts from the nearby trash bin ֠which should have been emptied this weekend by your professional janitorial company- into your nostrils. Repulsed, you shoot up from the floor, smacking the back of your skull on the edge of your desk. You stumble backwards in pain for a moment until suddenly your feet slide out from under you and their momentum begins to carry them up towards the ceiling. As you float in the air, time slows. You see your wife’s lovely face, you see your children smiling, you see the banana peel that you just slipped on float across the room while you wonder how the cleaning crew missed it…Then you come crashing back down with a thud. As you lay there on the floor, whimpering, you think I need to call my commercial janitorial services company. This needs to get straightened out, NOW! Unfortunately for you, your commercial janitorial service company is one of the hundreds out there that either subcontracts their work, doesn’t have an organized management structure, or is just plain too big to care about the complaints of a mid-level employee from a mid-sized company – and your call will never be returned, your issues never addressed.

Accredited Building Services has been in the commercial janitorial cleaning business for over 35 years. In those years, we have discovered that the most important thing a commercial janitorial company can do for their customers is respond to and address complaints as quickly as possible. As a response, we have created a business structure that is conducive to quick and effective action. All of our cleaners are directly employed and they we emphasize with them the importance of transmitting all complaints and requests to their route managers. We employ route managers who are each in charge of addressing customer requests, helping our commercial janitorial crews maintain an excellent standard of cleaning, and any other general cleaning issue for a small section of Houston. Our Operations Manager oversees all the route managers, decides where to send our utility crews (crews of our best and longest employed cleaners, which we use to provide supplementary cleaning to our clients), and communicates with clients to address large issues. We have an office manager who is the contact point for all of our customers – her entire job consists of communicating with the customers when there are complaints, and then making sure those issues are relayed to the rest of the team so that they can be addressed in the next day or two. As you can see, ABS is a well-structured commercial janitorial company. If your Houston commercial janitorial company is not answering your calls or addressing your issues, then maybe it is time to change to a Houston commercial janitorial company that has the infrastructure to do so.

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