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Your Houston office cleaning team uses effective tools and methods to thoroughly clean and sanitize your workplace.

Steam is having a major moment in the cleaning industry. It’s not hard to see why, what with concerns about killing the coronavirus and lingering shortages for cleaning chemicals. However, is it actually effective for Houston office cleaning? That remains to be seen. In this article, we’re going to discuss steam cleaning, the science behind it, and whether it actually works well in commercial buildings. We’re here to help facility managers make informed choices about their cleaning methods and protocols. 

Why Invest in Houston Office Cleaning?

This may go without saying, but Houston office cleaning is important. More so now than ever. A clean environment is critical for many reasons. First, it bolsters your reputation. Professional spaces are clean and sanitary. If yours isn’t, it may damage your company’s name. Unclean spaces look bad and give off a feeling of neglect, which is definitely not something you want to portray. 

Another reason cleaning your office is important is to reduce germs and contaminants that can make people sick. People are hyper aware of this after the last two years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Germs can make people sick with anything from the common cold to serious and life-threatening infections. The more germs in your facility, the riskier it is for everyone in the building, including your staff, customers, and you yourself. A good cleaning program for your facility helps remove and kill germs to help reduce the risk of transmission. Therefore, there are many reasons to invest in professional Houston commercial cleaning services for your building. 

What is Steam Cleaning?

Now let’s discuss steam cleaning. Steam cleaning has been around for quite a while, but it’s recently become more popular. Essentially, steam cleaning involves using steam to clean and sanitize surfaces. Hot steam works well for cleaning visible soils and the heat energy transferred through the steam can kill germs on the surface. More on this later and the science behind it, but basically it’s another cleaning method available. 

Steam cleaning generally involves using special steam cleaning machines that heat water to a certain temperature and send the steam through a nozzle or cleaning pad. After applying the steam, most recommend manually wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth to remove moisture and grime. 

Is Steam Good for Houston Office Cleaning?

So, is steam cleaning effective for Houston office cleaning? It depends on your goals. Steam cleaning can be a great tool for cleaning around your office, especially for stubborn dirt and grime. For commercial cleaning with steam, your janitorial professionals must have access to steam equipment as well as distilled water, as tap water contains minerals that can gum up the interior components. 

Here are some of the benefits of steam cleaning:

  • There are no chemicals because it uses only water
  • It uses significantly less water than traditional detergents and disinfectants

Steam Can Loosen Dirt and Grime for Houston Office Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective way to deep clean. It works particularly well for stuck-on dirt and grime around the office with less scrubbing. Commercial buildings stand up to a significant amount of traffic, which can lead to some pretty serious messes. Sometimes grime seems to get positively fused to different areas of your building. 

The moist heat from a steam cleaner does really well at loosening bonds between grime and various surfaces, like floors and desks. Therefore, it can make cleaning some things easier. So, it does work for some Houston office cleaning applications.

It’s Not Recommended for Every Surface

However, it’s important to note that steam cleaning isn’t a multi-purpose method. In fact, steam cleaning can irrevocably damage many different surfaces found in your office. For instance, it may cause damage to painted walls, unsealed floors, and other surfaces that don’t tolerate moisture or heat well. This includes things like wooden flooring and vinyl tiles. Therefore, steam cleaning isn’t recommended for many cleaning tasks inside an office or commercial building.

Will Steam Kill Germs for Houston Office Cleaning?

We mentioned that steam can help loosen dirt and grime stuck on hard surfaces, but does it kill germs? After all, commercial buildings are often open to the public and see high amounts of traffic. This exposes the surfaces in your building to a large number of germs, ranging from the simple rhinovirus responsible for colds to even deadly germs like MRSA. Germs should be a concern when evaluating your facility’s cleaning needs.

You may have noticed the marketing materials for many consumer and commercial grade steam cleaning machines say that they kill germs. Some even claim to kill 99.9% of germs. This is technically true… in very specific situations. The caveats, however, often outweigh the benefits of steam cleaning, which often makes other sanitization and disinfection methods better for Houston office cleaning. We’re going to break down the science behind these claims and what they mean for your office.

What the Science Says

Yes, steam can kill germs in certain circumstances. This is primarily due to heat. Water vapor is a pretty effective way to transfer heat to a surface, and heat can kill many germs. But before you swap out all of your cleaning chemicals for steam, it’s important to understand some important details.

Heat from steam cleaning can kill germs because most quality steam cleaning machines reach temperatures at least 212°F, the boiling point of water and also a temperature high enough to kill germs. However, Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University says that in most cases you would likely need to apply that amount of heat for at least ten minutes to kill most germs on a surface. 

Not only is this pretty impractical for cleaning an entire commercial building, that amount of heat and moisture for that amount of time can damage even really sturdy materials. Instead, using EPA-approved disinfectants often takes less time and reduces the risk of damage in your building. 

Choose Houston Commercial Cleaning Services Based on Expert Recommendations

There are many cleaning products, tools, and methods out there that have some great marketing, but aren’t as effective as they lead you to believe. Instead, we think it’s best to stick to methods recommended by experts, like the EPA, to help clean and disinfect surfaces in your building. So, work with a Houston commercial cleaning company that stays up-to-date with the latest recommendations for cleaning and disinfection. This way, you get peace of mind cleaning services are effective and well-worth the investment for your office. 

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