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Office after Houston office cleaning services
Houston office cleaning services are essential for every workplace.

A clean office is essential to the success of any business. Not only does it make employees happier and more productive, but it also helps to create a professional image for your company. Unfortunately, there are many Houston office cleaning services that don’t provide thorough cleaning services. This leads to higher levels of dirt and dust, which can impact the health of your employees.

In this article, we’ll discuss signs that you may need to switch to a better Houston commercial cleaning company like Accredited Building Services so you can get back on track with clean offices in no time.

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Are You Satisfied With Your Houston Office Cleaning Services?

The first sign that your office cleaners aren’t doing their job is if you’re unsatisfied with the results. Though some office managers convince themselves that all cleaning crews deliver the same level of service, this isn’t accurate.

You are paying for a service, and you deserve results that you can be proud of. If your office is still dirty after your cleaners have left or if they are skipping important tasks like dusting furniture and light fixtures, then it’s time to look for another Houston commercial cleaning company.

Signs Your Houston Office Cleaning Services Aren’t Cutting It

There are several signs that can help you determine if your office cleaners aren’t doing their job, including:

1. Frequent Illnesses

Poor office cleaning practices like lack of or inadequate disinfecting can lead to health problems for employees. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, a majority of office-related illnesses can be traced back to bacteria and viruses that were not properly eradicated through cleaning. Employees are not only more likely to get sick from common colds and the flu, but they can also develop more serious illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia.

A good commercial cleaner disinfect all high touch surfaces regularly, which helps keep everyone healthier. If your office experiences frequent illnesses or high rates of absenteeism, you should look at your Houston office cleaning services.

2. Odors

Another sign that your office isn’t getting a thorough cleaning is if it smells bad. Musty, moldy, stale, or foul odors are a sign of trouble. If the carpets and upholstered furniture haven’t been vacuumed or shampooed in a while, they can start giving off an unpleasant odor.

The same goes for the bathrooms – if they aren’t cleaned regularly, you might notice a urine or sewer smell. In addition, rotten food odors in the break room can signal that cleaning services are getting skipped.

A professional commercial cleaning company will ensure that all areas of your office are free from unpleasant smells, so if you’re noticing any odors, it might be time for a change.

3. Dust

Dust is another sign that your Houston office cleaning services aren’t up to par. To tell if there’s too much dust in the office, you should do a “white glove test.” Basically, run your finger with a white glove (or a piece of tissue) across surfaces in your office. If they’re dirty or dusty, your cleaning crew isn’t cleaning those surfaces.

Also, check to see if the windowsills and blinds are dusty. This is another sign that they aren’t wiped down regularly. A good commercial cleaner will ensure that all surfaces are adequately dusted.

4. Smudges on Glass/Metal/Walls

Fingerprints and smudges on glass, metal, and walls are a sure sign that your Houston office cleaning services aren’t doing their job. These areas require spot cleaning as needed, so if they are consistently dirty, then it means that the cleaners either aren’t checking them or they are ignoring the fingerprints and smudges. To keep these surfaces smudge-free, you need a cleaning crew that pays attention to detail and takes the time to do spot cleaning when necessary.

5. Trash in the Trash Cans

If there’s still trash left in the trash cans after cleaning services, your cleaners are not doing a good job. Trash should be removed after each cleaning service, so if you see any leftover garbage, then this is a sign that your current commercial cleaner isn’t taking care of business.

Look for a Houston office cleaning service that takes the time to dispose of all trash properly. This helps prevent germs from spreading and keeps the office tidy.

6. Unprofessional Staff

If the cleaning crew doesn’t seem to take pride in their work, it’s a sign that your Houston office cleaning services aren’t up to par. Professional cleaners should be friendly and courteous at all times and knowledgeable about their job.

A good commercial cleaner will also take the time to answer any questions and address any issues. Look for one of the Houston commercial cleaning companies with experienced, professional staff who will ensure your office is always looking its best.

7. Lack of Communication

The last sign that your office is not getting the proper cleaning service is a lack of communication between you and the cleaners. If they don’t keep you informed about any issues they may have or if they don’t take your feedback into account, then it’s time to look for another cleaning company.

Get Houston Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Trust

At the end of the day, a clean office reflects well on your business. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to find Houston office cleaning services that you can trust.

Look for a company with experienced staff and quality cleaning supplies to ensure that your office will always look its best. With the right cleaning crew, you can be sure that your office is a clean and healthy environment for employees and visitors. Get the Houston commercial cleaning services you need – and deserve.

Houston Office Cleaning Services from Accredited Building Services

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