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Restroom cleaning is one of the toughest areas to do in a building – and also one of the most important areas for your Houston area janitorial service to excel at. There should be a systematic approach in restroom cleaning with a written training program for your janitorial staff.  Make sure that all cleaning solutions are properly labeled and have the required material data sheets (MDS).

Restroom cleaning systems should include all the essential equipment. The janitor cart consists of a wheeled barrel from which caddy units serve as mobile restroom cleaning systems that hold all of the cleaning products, equipment, and paper stock. Common restroom cleaning tools include brooms, dust pan, small hand-held brushes, bucket and wringer combinations, dust mops, wet mops with heads made of string or microfiber, sponges, bowl swab, cotton cloths or microfiber wipes, spray bottles, and inspection mirror. Also, the janitor cart will carry consumable products for restroom cleaning which usually includes hand soap, toilet tissue, paper towels, seat covers, sanitary napkin bags, and plastic trash liners.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) for restroom cleaning may include rubber gloves, goggles, and apron.

Then, follow a system for the cleaning.  First, bring the janitor cart from the storage closet to the restroom and place wet floor signs by the door.  Dispose of loose litter, and sweep or dust mop the floor.  Use effective disinfectant products to clean toilets, urinals, sinks, faucets, and counter tops.  Wipe and disinfect the partitions, walls, and splash areas.  Clean the mirrors top to bottom with glass cleaner to remove all spots and streaks. Then, restock the paper towels, toilet tissue, hygiene products, and hand soap.  The last step in the restroom cleaning is to damp mop the floors starting in the back and moving toward the door.  Remove the wet floor sign when the floors are completely dry.

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