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If you need to reduce overhead costs, one area where you can consider making cuts is your janitorial services cost. The first step is to establish your goals and objectives. Normally, this involves identifying the balance between maintaining a level of quality in your janitorial services while lowering the budget to a target number. Survey your building to make an assessment of what you actually need in janitorial services.  This is determined by a number of factors. Calculate proper measurements of your facility and break this down by hard surfaces, carpet, and vinyl composition tile (VCT). List the number of restrooms, kitchens, and any specialized area that will take longer to clean.

Based on these measurements and areas, you should attempt to calculate a workload for the amount of hours it should be taking to clean your entire facility.  This can be affected by employee density, type of usage, and cleaning expectations.  For instance, if you just want your floors mopped, carpet vacuumed, and trash taken out daily – plus some light monthly dusting – the cleaners should be able to cover 3,500 square feet per hour or so.  But if you want your restrooms to be spotless, every blind to be dusted daily, every trash can to be emptied, every recycling bin to be emptied, inside of microwaves to be cleaned out daily, inside of refrigerators to be cleaned out weekly, entrance glass doors to be washed daily, desktops to be dusted and wiped down daily, etc, etc (you get the picture) then your cleaners are going to be able significantly less ground per hour.

Once you have an idea of the time it should take each day, you can establish the frequency that these areas need to be cleaned while still maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness. For example, you may need restroom cleaning daily, but thorough vacuuming less often.  This can reduce the staff time needed to perform your janitorial services.

Safety is another area that can either save or cost you money.  On the job injuries can result in worker compensation claims and possible lost employee time.  A safety training program is a vital aspect that your janitorial services company must have. Not only will this help prevent accidents but it will result in better employee morale and productivity. Check your inventory to make sure that you do not have unused equipment or an over-stock of supplies.  It is important to keep a record of all existing equipment and supplies to make certain that your inventory is sufficient but not wasteful.

Accredited Building Services is a janitorial services company that has been in business for over 36 years.  We can help you in evaluating the efficiency of your janitorial services. We can conduct a free, no obligation analysis of your facility needs and make helpful recommendations that can improve your operations.  This applies whether you are currently contract your janitorial services or do oit with your own in-house staff.  Simply give us a call and we can get it taken care of cost efficiently and time efficiently. You can reach us at 281-578-2296 for a fast response to your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to call.