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To provide quality commercial janitorial service, the company must be knowledgeable about the cleaning products they use.You do not want to go with a Janitorial company that uses products that are too cheap, harmful for the environment, or simply don’t get the job done. Because of this, it isn’t a bad idea to brush up on a little bit of commercial janitorial cleaning knowledge before settling on a contract. When looking for quality Houston janitorial service, as a customer, it helps to know a bit about the products being used. To start you off, here is one tidbit of cleaning knowledge:

When choosing between Microfiber and Regular Cloths:

Microfiber is better for a number of reasons when dealing with mass cleaning materials and supplies, over the span of multiple janitorial clients and locations. Listed explanations are as follows:

  • Microfibers have much smaller fibers (may seem like common sense, but bear with me). This gives the cloth more density, which in turn allows for more absorption. A cloth that will absorb more means less being used, and less waste.
  • Microfibers are lint free, and do not leave behind any trace of the cloth, giving the area a cleaner look and feel than traditional cloths.
  • Microfibers are positively charged. Because dirt is negatively charged, microfibers are actually able attract dirt, so that it stays in the cloth.
  • Microfiber cloths are woven in an asterisk shape, which helps to grab dirt and moisture and lock it in. Cotton cloth fibers are usually cylindrical and only push dirt and moisture around.

It may seem fairly simple, but janitorial cleaning can be quite complicated. No two company uses the exact same materials and practices, so if you donӴ want to have to cancel contracts it is good preparation to figure out exactly the type of practices and materials that you are comfortable with.

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