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When managing your business, and of the costs you incur should increase your value. Accredited Building Services is an established, family owned company that has been providing professional janitorial services with added value for your customers as a top priority. Headquarters located in Houston, we have been giving service to the entire southeast Texas area for over 36 years.

What should your most important concern be when you are trying to obtain professional janitorial services?

  • Proper cleaning techniques assure a healthy workplace. This helps to reduce absenteeism due to employee illness. When your employees are sick, this will have a direct effect on productivity, consistency, and possibly even sales. Dirty facilities can lead to an increase in spreading germs and exposure to your employees coming in contact with them.
  • Professional janitorial services can give you asset protection. Proper cleaning can significantly increase the longevity of flooring, furniture, and fixtures. A planned maintenance program for your carpet care extends the life of your carpets and holds down replacement costs. Accredited Building Services can assist you in the planning and management of how to protect your facilities assets.
  • Professional janitorial services can have a direct, positive effect on employee morale. A clean, sanitized work environment communicates to your employees that you care about the condition and appearance of their workplace. Studies show that increased employee morale leads to increased productivity and loyalty.
  • Professional janitorial services can impact customer perception and individuals who visit your facility. A coffee stain on your conference table or a little dust in the wrong place can communicate the wrong message. A clean, neat environment tells them that you have an attention to detail and that you take care of your cleaning in the correct manor.

Accredited Building Services= Professional Janitorial Services. This is what we have been doing for the past 36 years; adding value to your facilities. Please give us a call today at 281-578-2296 for a free, no hassle estimate of your cleaning needs.