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When selecting a janitorial company, you are not only buying cleaning services.  You are also creating an ongoing relationship.  A janitorial company must not only do a great job cleaning, but also be capable of providing you with people that you can rely on and people that you can trust.

What should you look for in selecting a janitorial company?

  1. Longevity Look at how long the janitorial company has been in business. Time and experience allows for a cleaning company to fine tune their cleaning process over the years. What is the experience of their key personnel?  What is the retention rate of their long-term customers?  Ask them to provide a list of clients they have serviced for 5+ years.
  2. ReferencesExamine the type of customers the company has. Consider the scope and capability of the services that have been offered to these customers.
  3. Labor ForceWhat is the size of the janitorial company’s labor force? Does the janitorial company utilize actual employees that are screened, trained, and supervised? Or is the work done by “sub contract” labor that is probably not covered by worker’s compensation or federal employment guidelines?  Would you be confident to hand the keys to your building over to the workers assigned to you?
  4. ProtectionDoes the janitorial company have sufficient general liability and worker’s compensation insurance? Do they have a safety program?  Are they experienced in handling possible emergency situations?
  5. CommunicationsDoes the janitorial company have a 24-hour, 7-days per week company contact and response capabilities? Are phone calls and e-mail communications done competently, clearly, and in a timely manner? Do you get proper follow-up to any issue or concern that you voice to your janitorial service provider?
  6. CapabilitiesDoes the company offer a full range of cleaning services such as green cleaning, specialized floor care, carpet cleaning, construction services, temporary labor, etc. What about emergency services such as water extraction and flood clean-up? Can they provide you with consumable supplies at prices that are competitive with those of large chains like Staples and Sam’s Club? Added services can give you more flexibility and support when you may really need it.
  7. Quality Assurance Does the janitorial company have a qualified, full-time quality assurance manager that checks your building, and will provide you with written inspection reports upon request?

Accredited Building Services is family-owned janitorial company that has been in business for over 36 years.  We will meet or exceed the expectations that you are looking for in a janitorial company.