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Regular Houston janitorial services for your marble floors helps keep them clean, shiny, and professional.

Stone flooring is a beautiful option for many businesses, but ensure you receive the right Houston janitorial services to keep them looking good. Without proper maintenance, stone floors can quickly start to look worn. This can affect how customers see your business. Therefore, it’s best to design a cleaning protocols to keep your floors in good repair. Your cleaning crew is here to help you ensure your stone floors always look clean, shiny, and professional.

Designing Houston Janitorial Services Schedule for Your Commercial Stone Flooring

Before you can determine what type of Houston commercial cleaning services you need for your commercial flooring, you will need to know a little bit about it. If it’s brand new and you’ve just installed it, then you likely know the answers to these questions. Otherwise, however, you’ll need to consider a few things when designing your Houston janitorial services contract.

What Kind of Stone?

When looking for Houston janitorial services for your stone floors, you should know what type of stone they are. For example, some common types of stone used for commercial floors include:

  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate

Depending on the type of stone you have, you may need different commercial floor care services or products. If you’re not sure what type of stone your floors are, consider calling a stone flooring specialist to take a look before designing your cleaning program.

Is it in Good Condition?

In addition, you should assess what condition your commercial floors are in before working on a cleaning contract. Floors that have been well-maintained may need fewer Houston commercial cleaning and maintenance services. However, damaged stone flooring may need extra work to get it looking great again. For instance, cracked flooring can pick up dirt and debris more easily and may require more frequent mopping. If your flooring is cracked, you may need to design your cleaning contract to account for this, or you might consider replacing that area of your floor.

Daily Houston Janitorial Services for Stone Floors

Part of keeping your business looking good is taking care of your flooring. This helps create a positive impression with your customers. It also helps save you in the long-run, as well cleaned and maintained floors mean you have to replace them less often. Daily Houston janitorial services can help keep your stone floors in great condition.

Dirt, dust, and sand can quickly destroy your stone floors. These gritty substances leave surface scuffs and scratches on the top of your stone flooring. Over time, this can make them look dull and dirty. If left without cleaning and maintenance, they can even become so deep that you need a stone specialist to hone your floors. Instead, make sure your Houston janitorial services work to remove dirt and dust from your floors. This includes daily dust mopping, as well as regular washing. Your cleaning crew will need to use solutions specifically formulated for stone to mop your floors to help prevent scratching, etching, and discoloration. If your floors receive a particularly high level of traffic, then you may need dust mopping more than once a day.

In addition, placing floor mats can help reduce the amount of dirt and dust on your stone floors. Rugs can help remove these destructive substances from your staff and customers’ shoes. Try placing floor mats just outside and just inside the door to your business. This can help reduce how often you need dust mopping to keep your floors in good condition. However, keep in mind that it takes about eight steps to remove dirt and sand from the bottom of shoes. Also, without regular vacuuming and washing, those floor mats could cause just as much of a problem for your floors and business. Therefore, ensure that your business cleaning crew also takes care of your floor mats.

Other Routine Stone Floor Care Services

While daily Houston janitorial services are important for caring for your commercial stone floors, there are other floor care services you need for your business. Your cleaning crew can often take care of these important maintenance tasks so you can rest assured your floors will look great for your staff and customers.


Sealing your stone floors helps prevent stains. Stone floors are porous, which means they will absorb spills that occur in your business. How many times have you dropped your coffee in the office or even spilled water at work? These things can permanently stain stone floors, since they soak up liquids. Sealing your floors can help prevent stains from happening. Sealers help create a barrier between the natural stone and any moisture that comes into contact with your floors.

Generally speaking, you should seal your stone floors at least once a year to help prevent stains that could make your business look bad. However, how often you need to seal your floors depends on the condition they’re in and the type of stone they are. Also, the type of stone may affect the type of floor sealant your Houston janitorial services crew needs to use.

Re-sealing floors often requires several steps. In most cases, your cleaning specialists will need to strip the floor. This helps remove the old sealant to prevent buildup that could impact the look and quality of your flooring. Then, we’ll apply a new sealant to help protect your floors and keep them looking professional.

High Speed Polishing Houston Janitorial Services

Also, regular high speed polishing Houston janitorial services can help keep your floors shiny and clean for years to come. Over time, dirt and other conditions can leave behind small scratches in the surface of your stone floors. This can make them look dull. These scratches can also trap dirt easier. High speed polishing helps restore the smooth, shiny surface to your stone floors. How often you need floor polishing depends on many different factors, so you should work with your cleaning crew to find the right frequency for your business.

Polishing your floors involves using a lightly abrasive powder and using specialized equipment to buff your floor. This helps remove the scratches from your stone flooring. However, it’s important to leave this service to experienced professionals. Improper floor polishing can permanently damage your floors. Also, high speed equipment can be dangerous if not operated properly.

At Accredited Building Services, we offer expert Houston commercial cleaning services to help you make a great impression on your customers. Our team receives specialized training to offer you the highest quality services for your building. We’ll help you design a customized cleaning schedule that fits your needs and budget. Call us today at (281) 578-2296 to learn more and request a free estimate. We are here to serve you!