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There has been a significant investment made in the flooring of your building and implementing the right floor care program is essential in order to protect this investment.  A successful janitorial services floor care program needs to analyze the basic characteristics and maintenance requirements of each different type of flooring.

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) is probably the most common type of flooring in a building.  Proper maintenance of VCT floors begins with selecting the proper finish with an appropriate floor care program with your janitorial services. Generally, it is more cost effective to use floor finishes that give you a harder, more durable surface.  Recent advances have been made in the quality and longevity of commercial floor finishes.  A sanitary supplier of products or a reputable janitorial services contractor can assist you in selecting the right floor finish.  Low speed buffing equipment is usually more practical in smaller areas that are more confined.  For larger common areas that have high traffic, high speed burnishing machines can give the floors a wet, shiny appearance and save time and labor costs.

A complete strip and wax of VCT floors is determined by the wear and condition of the floor surfaces.  Using an automatic scrubber is an efficient method for stripping and rinsing a floor.  A slower process is to apply floor stripper with a mop and bucket and remove the solutions with a wet vacuum.  Regardless of the method, it is very important to thoroughly clean the floor before applying the finish.  Allow each coat of floor finish to completely dry before applying the next coat.  It is essential to apply multiple coats of floor finish in order for the finish to last longer and withstand more traffic.

Ceramic and marble floors require specific cleaning products and techniques.  Daily cleaning in your janitorial services schedule consists of mopping to remove dust and dirt.  Heavy duty cleaning requires the use of more aggressive products. Many facility managers find it more convenient and cost effective to utilize a professional janitorial services contractor to provide for their floor care.

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