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It is important to establish best practices in preparing for a potential flooding caused by a storm or hurricane.  Facility managers need to create a plan before catastrophe strikes.  Proper planning can go a long way in protecting your property and more importantly, human lives.

  1. Make sure you have a support system in place. Have a current directory of contact information for emergency personnel and key contractors.  Identify a janitorial services provider that can provide water removal and manpower for post disaster clean-up.
  2. Safety is the most important thing. Always follow evacuation procedures and communicate with employees with prompt and clear instructions.
  3. Keep informed of weather reports and closely monitor the path and scope of the storm or hurricane.
  4. Managers should analyze their insurance coverage, including flood protection. Keep photographs and identification records of equipment, furnishing, computers, and vehicles.
  5. Have a disaster supply checklist. Keep a three-day supply of food and drinking water.  Keep flashlights with extra batteries, tools and supplies, first aid kits, and proper medications.
  6. Once the danger is passed, assess the damage and contact your janitorial services provider and other contractors to repair and restore your facility.

Prompt and appropriate response is essential.  There is potential for severe mold contamination without quick action to remove the water and dry our moisture as soon as possible.  After flooding, a wet building is subject to microbiological contaminates that present health issues.

Accredited Building Services is a janitorial services contractor that has been in business for over 36 years.  In Southeast Texas and the Houston area, heavy rains and flash floods can wreck sudden havoc quickly.  If you need water extraction, emergency carpet cleaning, or leaks repaired, Accredited Building Services can help you.

During a major hurricane several years ago, ABS dispatched a large team of specialists to perform water removal for a large client – one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies.  We transported food and needed supplies, as well as stayed in the building to take care of flood clean-ups overnight.  We do whatever it takes to keep our clients safe, secure, and happy.

Keep our information available in case you need us.  Next time you are in a wet situation, and you need our help – give us a call at 281-578-2296.