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Long-Term Relationship – A good janitorial company can do much more for you than simply providing quality office cleaning services.  The right janitorial company can become a valued partner by providing a wide variety of efficiencies and added value to your facility.  Continuity gives you a number of benefits on an ongoing basis.  By retaining your janitorial company, you can save time and money related with a formal re-bid process and the uncertainty of possible negative outcomes of a change.

Employee Stability – Like other business organizations, a cleaning company that has experienced, committed management gives you confidence and familiarity with the same team.  Staff turnover will involve a loss of continuity and cause more time and effort to be consumed by additional meetings and training.  You want a janitorial service company that treats its employees well, pays them well, and allows them flexibility to work around their home life and other jobs (janitorial jobs are frequently worked at night and often a second source of income for an individual that already has a primary day-job).  This will allow that janitorial company to retain employees for a long time, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the work force by retaining the knowledge and experience of these long-tenured employees.

Staff Expertise – In a real sense you are buying all the experience and knowledge that the janitorial company leadership has to offer you.  Look at the resumes and working experience of the people you will have working at your facility.  Look at the specifications of the actual cleaning to be done that is provided in the bid.  How is the cleaning program set up to ensure proper supervision and quality assurance inspections? What type of communication will you have with your commercial janitorial service company?  In order for a commercial janitorial company to provide outstanding service, it means not only doing great work but also having effective two-way communications and timely response to your needs and requests.

Integrity – No company is perfect, including commercial janitorial companies.  If a mistake is made, you need an open, honest answer from your janitorial company followed by a plan to fix that mistake. A good janitorial company will start out by getting the facts, proceed to assess the situation, and finally correct the situation in a professional manner.

Accredited Building Services is a family-owned commercial janitorial services company that has been providing cleaning in the Southeast Texas (Houston, Galveston, Beaumont) area for over 36 years. You will find stability, expertise, and integrity if you choose Accredited Building Services for your commercial janitorial company.