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Your Houston office cleaning protocols should include window washing in and out.

As a business owner, you know how important Houston office cleaning is for your staff and customers. However, one often neglected part of maintaining a clean workspace is window washing. Regular cleaning for your commercial windows is a vital part of keeping your building clean. Therefore, make sure your cleaning crew cleans windows inside and out as frequently as needed. To ensure you receive the window washing services you need, sit down with our team to design a custom schedule based on your company’s needs and budget.

Why Include Window Washing in Your Houston Office Cleaning Schedule?

We’ve mentioned that commercial windows are often overlooked by businesses. This is generally because we all underestimate how important clean windows are. However, while we generally don’t notice clean commercial glass when we walk past it, most of us certainly notice when we walk past dusty, dirty windows. Dirty windows can hurt your company’s image, damage the glass and window components, and impact your employees’ mood. Therefore, it’s important to schedule regular Houston commercial cleaning for your windows.

Make a Good Impression with Houston Office Cleaning and Clear Commercial Windows

One of the most obvious reasons for regular Houston office cleaning and window washing is to help create a good impression. When clients come into your office, do you want them to see clean, sparkling windows or dusty windows filled with cobwebs? We all know that a clean office looks better than a dirty one. Clean exterior windows are one of the first things your clients and prospective clients will see as they drive up to your building. Dusty windows can make your building look unkempt, unclean, and even completely neglected. Even if your floors and work surfaces are spotless, dirty windows will still stick in their minds. Just like how one bad review outweighs several good ones, windows can mar an otherwise great impression.

Houston Office Cleaning for Windows Helps Reduce Glass Damage

Another important reason to schedule regular commercial window cleaning for your office is to help keep the glass and gaskets in great condition. While you may not realize it, glass is actually pretty porous, with invisible peaks and valleys in the surface. These peaks can pick up dirt, grime, and minerals. If left on the glass surface, these contaminants can actually discolor the glass and even etch the surface of your windows. The most common culprits of commercial window damage are minerals from hard water, airborne particulates, and water runoff from concrete facades. Therefore, you need regular Houston office cleaning for window exteriors to help prevent this. Otherwise, you could pay more in the long-run for window restoration and replacement. 

Clean Commercial Windows can Help Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Also, clean windows may help improve your employees’ mood and, therefore, their efficiency and productivity. Several studies show that a clear view of the outside can boost employee morale. Natural light also plays an important role in mood and productivity. Dirty windows can obstruct views and sunlight, which may put a damper on the office environment and productivity. Instead, make sure your windows are clean and clear for your staff by including window washing in your Houston office cleaning schedule.

How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Window Washing? 

Now you know the importance of regular window washing, you may be wondering how often your cleaning crew should clean commercial windows. There are no hard and fast rules for window washing frequency. Instead, there are multiple different elements you should consider. However, in most cases, interior window surfaces need cleaning more often than window exteriors. 

Window Interiors Need Daily Houston Commercial Cleaning

Your Houston commercial cleaning crew recommends spot cleaning interior windows every day to remove things like smudges and fingerprints. Window smudges look bad, so it’s important to take care of them each and every day. Depending on how dusty the inside of your building gets, window interiors may not need daily cleaning. Windows in lobby and common areas are usually the dirtiest and require cleaning every day. However, windows in lower traffic areas may only need weekly washing to maintain their clean, sparkling appearance. 

Factors that Influence How Often to Clean Exterior Windows

Determining how often window exteriors need washing is a little more difficult than interior windows. This is because there are many different elements you need to consider about your building before deciding on a window washing schedule for your Houston office cleaning contract. Generally speaking, offices need exterior window washing a minimum of twice per year. However, buildings often require more frequent window cleaning. For example, windows in your entryway may require daily cleaning. This is because they are more at risk for smudges and grime and also are important for making a great impression. 

In addition, you will need to consider your office’s location. Office buildings in suburban areas with little traffic may need window washing less frequently. However, if your building is located near a busy street, highway, or parking lot, car tires can kick up dirt, dust, and debris that will stick to your windows. 

Also, you may need more frequent window cleaning during Houston’s rainy season. Minerals in rainwater can bond to the surface of the glass, creating water spots. If left on the surface of the glass for too long, they will start to etch and discolor the window. Therefore, it’s best to have more frequent window cleaning when it’s raining often. 

Your landscaping may also play a role in how often you need Houston office cleaning for window exteriors. Lots of trees can bring sap, insects, and birds, all of which can make your windows dirty faster. So, you may need more frequent window washing if your company’s landscaping involves a lot of trees. Work with your cleaning crew to determine the right schedule for your office building.

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