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Houston office cleaning services help keep epoxy floors in good condition.

Houston office cleaning services help keep your entire office clean, safe, and sanitary. Part of this is cleaning your floors regularly to prevent dirt and grime buildup. With epoxy floors becoming more and more popular for commercial buildings, it’s important to discuss what kinds of cleaning services you need to maintain epoxy flooring. In this article, we’ll discuss key cleaning tips for your office’s epoxy floors. 

Houston Office Cleaning Services: Why Keep Your Floors Clean?

Before we discuss floor cleaning specifically for epoxy floors, let’s first go over why it’s important to keep your floors of any kind clean in your workplace. Houston office cleaning services almost always include floor cleaning of some kind, tailored to the types of floors you have. 

There are several key reasons to keep floors in your office clean. One is for safety. Dirty floors can be a slip hazard. Even if the floor isn’t wet, if there is a significant amount of dirt and dust on the floor, it can affect the traction you get between your shoes and the floor. Neglecting floor cleaning can lead to accidents and injuries that put people out of work and can cause financial strain on your company. 

Additionally, having a clean, tidy office is important for professionalism. It’s important to project a professional image to your employees and clients, which is why getting Houston office cleaning services regularly is so crucial. Having visibly dirty floors can make your office look unkempt and, by association, your business look poorly managed.

Also, let’s not forget that neglecting cleaning often results in faster wear and tear. The same is true of your floors. Without regular cleaning, dirt, grime, and spills can cause permanent damage to your floors. This may include scuff marks, general dullness, as well as stains. 

Therefore, there are many reasons to consider how to properly clean and care for your office floors, no matter the type of floor or the industry you’re in. 

Houston Office Cleaning Services for Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are becoming incredibly popular. In the past, they were primarily used in garages and industrial facilities, but they have become mainstream. You can now find them in many homes and commercial office buildings because they are durable and easy to customize for different aesthetics. If your office has epoxy floors, then there are several types of Houston office cleaning services you will likely need. Keeping epoxy floors clean is actually pretty simple as long as you have the right knowledge, tools, and products. Here are some services you may need to clean your epoxy floors: 

Removing Dirt and Dust from Epoxy Floors Through Houston Commercial Cleaning

One important part of Houston commercial cleaning for epoxy floors is removing any dirt and dust from the surface of the floor. Dirt and dust act like sandpaper on the epoxy’s surface and can cause scratching, scuffs, and general dullness over time. Therefore, it’s key to address dirt and dust daily. 

Daily epoxy floor cleaning, therefore, typically involves vacuuming, sweeping, or dry mopping to remove any dirt and dust from the floor. Doing this every day can prevent a lot of the wear and tear common with epoxy floors. It can also reduce how much additional cleaning your floors need, which is a big plus. 

Preventing Dirt Getting Tracked Into Your Building

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it’s best to do what you can to prevent people from tracking dirt and dust into your building in the first place. One of the best ways to do this is to put floor mats at every entrance. The floor mats collect a lot of the dirt from the bottom of people’s shoes so it doesn’t make it into your building in the first place. Of course, this means that the floor mats will need regular vacuuming and Houston office cleaning services to help them keep collecting dirt and trapping it before it can reach your epoxy floors. However, this can go a long way in reducing the wear on your floors. 

Mopping for Epoxy Floors

Mopping is also an important part of your epoxy floor cleaning program. This helps remove stubborn dirt and grime from the floors that regular vacuuming or sweeping can’t address. How often you need these Houston office cleaning services really depends on the amount of traffic in your office. Some offices need daily mopping while others can opt for weekly. 

Mopping is an important part of keeping your floors looking good, as it removes dust and grime that can negatively affect the high gloss shine of your epoxy floors. It also helps prevent damage from dirty buildup over time. 

Products to Use for Mopping Epoxy Floors

Mopping epoxy floors is actually pretty simple. It’s usually best to use just warm water and a soft mop head to clean your epoxy floors. This is usually enough to get rid of any lasting grime on your floors. 

However, if your floors do need a deep clean, then it’s important to use the right cleaning products. Using soap-based cleaners often leaves a hazy film on top of your floors that make them look dull and worn. Also, a lot of cleaners you would traditionally use for other floors can actually damage epoxy. For instance, acidic cleaners are a big no-no when it comes to epoxy flooring. This includes citrus based cleaners, vinegar based cleaners, as well as bleach and even Pine Sol. 

What you can use to clean your epoxy floors is ammonia and water. Since the ammonia evaporates quickly, it leaves a streak-free shine on your floors. It’s important to dilute it properly, though. In general, you’ll need two to three ounces of ammonia for every gallon of warm water to mop your epoxy floors. 

Another option to use for your epoxy floors is a mix of the degreaser Simple Green. Once again, it’s important to dilute it properly to prevent any visible film that makes your floors look bad. Simple Green is a great option if you have heavily soiled epoxy floors that need a good scrub to restore them to a clean, sanitary state. 

Addressing Stains in Your Epoxy Floors with Houston Office Cleaning Services

In some cases, you might find stains on your epoxy floors. Stains are pretty rare, but can happen if liquids or chemicals are allowed to sit on the floor’s surface for an extended period of time. For instance, like if an employee unknowingly spills brightly colored soda on the ground as they leave for the night and it sits over the weekend. 

The good news is that stains are often pretty easy to get rid of with the right Houston office cleaning services. This typically involves simply scrubbing the area lightly with a mildly abrasive sponge or brush. Using harsh abrasives like a scouring pad can damage the floor’s surface, but mild abrasives are great at removing small layers that are stained.

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