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Person in full PPE cleaning toilet in industrial facility for Houston janitorial services
Houston janitorial services keep your facility clean and safe.

Your manufacturing operations can be optimal or substandard depending on how clean your manufacturing facility is. Keeping your manufacturing plant clean equals faster and less costly production. Houston janitorial services use commercial cleaning technologies to help you maintain a high level of productivity and minimal resource wastage at your workplace. 

Having a clean manufacturing facility prevents delays and shutdowns which can harm your bottom line. Employee injuries and turnover, machine breakdowns, or even litigation from falling short of the required occupational safety and health standards can cause delays and losses. Your employees work faster and better and enjoy a more satisfying work environment when your facilities are safe, clean, and organized. 

Houston Janitorial Services are Necessary for Safety

Manufacturing involves working around heavy machinery. You and your staff may also be exposed to dangerous material debris such as metal cuttings, slippery or wet floors, and chemicals. That’s why you need an extra layer of safety compared to non-manufacturing industries. Houston janitorial services ensure high standards of cleanliness so that you and your employees and clients are safe. Some of the safety benefits of cleaning your premises are:

Preventing Slips and Falls

Slip-and-fall accidents are the most common safety concerns in industrial settings, causing approximately 1 million emergency injuries annually. Cleaning up liquid spills and debris such as loose cords, bolts and rocks, and obstacles along pathways prevents fatal trips, falls, and slips.

Removing Harmful Dust and Debris

Manufacturing debris such as metal shavings can cause lung damage and cancer when inhaled over a long time. Inhaling and exposure to dust, wood chips, and sand can lead to irritated eyes, coughing, and respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Dust and debris can also infiltrate a machine’s holes and obstruct its components which can cause an accident. Houston office cleaning eliminates dust and debris to prevent accidents and diseases. 

Increasing Workplace and Employee Visibility

Good lighting reduces eye strain and fatigue. Proper lighting also prevents accidents from moving machines and other safety hazards. Houston janitorial services include dusting services for light fixtures to improve visibility.

Many companies also install mirrors which prevent industrial accidents by providing visibility to facility movements and work areas. Convex mirrors aid manufacturing companies in monitoring quality assurance and employee movements. Cleaning these mirrors regularly and keeping them dust-free ensures proper workplace visibility, improving safety.

Improving Overall Air Quality

The manufacturing environment can be toxic, laced with different sources of pollutants such as spilt chemicals, dust, soot, and smoke. A thorough clean-up can improve air quality and create a safe environment for employees and clients.

Reducing Smoke and Soot Emissions from Dirty Machines 

Dirty machinery can expel smoke, soot, and fumes that can result in worker accidents or even injuries and death. Cleaning your machines will remove stains, rust, oil leaks, and dust accumulations in the crannies and nooks that produce smoke and soot.

Houston Janitorial Services Needed for Manufacturing Facilities

Here are some services you can expect from Houston janitorial services.

Sweeping and Mopping 

Manufacturing involves lots of high-level activities that can leave your floors and equipment messy. Walking, forklifting, and moving materials to and fro lead to the accumulation of dust and dirt. Houston janitorial services include expert scrubbing and sweeping to eliminate dirt, scuffs, grease, and spills for a more hygienic and productive work environment.

Spot-cleaning Walls, Windows, Mirrors, and Floors

Dust and dirt can build up without regular cleaning. Houston commercial cleaning services include removing dust and grime from walls, windows, ceilings, frameworks, girders, mirrors, and floors. These substances can aggravate conditions such as asthma and allergies when left to accumulate.

Dusting and Vacuuming Surfaces

Dust, grime, and oil can quickly pile up on surfaces in a busy manufacturing environment. Houston janitorial services include dusting and vacuuming your tools, machines, equipment, and work areas to sustain the productivity of your manufacturing operations and keep employees safe.

Deep Houston Commercial Cleaning Services

Houston commercial cleaning also includes other in-depth cleaning services such as floor stripping and waxing and power washing. Floor stripping and waxing involves removing the top surface of a floor together with its old layers of dirt and restoring it to a newer appearance to protect it from future damage.

Power or pressure washing uses a high-pressure water spray to clean off loose mold, dust, grime, paint, mud, and dirt from objects and surfaces. Houston janitorial services includes these in-depth cleaning services for your interior floors, building exteriors, and outdoor walkways.

Removing Trash

Your facility can accumulate cardboard, rubber, metal, plastic, everyday litter, and hazardous waste at any time. You need to remove the trash at least twice a week to prevent litter build-up that can be hazardous or even cause accidents.

Choose Your Houston Janitorial Services Company Wisely

Janitorial services companies may not have the training, equipment, and personal protective equipment to provide safe and thorough services. Accredited Building Services provides extensive training on safety protocols during industrial cleaning, has the right equipment, and provides workers with personal protective equipment (PPE). We also organize cleaning within a schedule that will not disrupt your business.

Houston Janitorial Services from Accredited Building Services

Houston commercial cleaning services keep your premises spotless and smelling fresh. They help you run faster and more profitable operations by avoiding safety hazards. Such hazards include slips and falls, diseases and accidents from dust and debris, poor air quality, and poor visibility from dust accumulation. Some of the Houston office cleaning services we offer include: sweeping and mopping, dusting and vacuuming, trash removal, spot-cleaning of walls and windows, and deep cleaning. 

Accredited Building Services is a leading provider of Houston janitorial services. We have been in operation as a locally owned and operated company for over 40 years. Our large staff can provide all the labor you need for your various cleaning and maintenance needs for a safe and professional workplace. We design a janitorial cleaning schedule around your requirements and provide you with expert cleaning services at a reasonable price. Collaborate with us for daily, weekly, or monthly commercial cleaning services. Contact us today for a free quote.