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clean, safe open floorplan workplace after Houston janitorial services
Houston janitorial services keep your workplace clean and safe for employees and customers.

Houston janitorial services are important for many reasons. They help you provide a professional workplace for your clients and employees and keep things looking nice. However, one commonly overlooked benefit of regular janitorial services is that it can help you make your workplace safer. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the safety benefits of cleaning and maintenance for your facility. 

What are Houston Janitorial Services?

Houston janitorial services encompass a lot of different things for your facility. Some of the services our crew can provide include:

Basically, our team can provide you with all the cleaning and maintenance services you need for your building. 

How Houston Janitorial Services Improve Safety In Your Facility

Now, what do cleaning and maintenance services have to do with safety? Actually, Houston janitorial services can go a long way for improving safety in your workplace, whether you’re in charge of an office, commercial business, or an industrial plant. Here are some of the important ways janitorial services increase safety for everyone in your building:

Houston Building Cleaning Reduces the Risk of Slip and Fall Incidents

Slip and fall accidents are some of the biggest hazards in any facility. They account for many workplace injuries every single year and account for a large number of premises liability cases against businesses and building owners. Slip and fall accidents also account for an estimated 12% to 15% of worker’s compensation claims each year. 

While you might assume that most of these accidents happen due to falling from an elevated area, like off of a ladder or step stool, the majority are actually same level falls. Same level falls account for an estimated 60% of all workplace slips and falls. 

What many don’t realize is that regular Houston janitorial services address key hazards for same level slip and fall incidents. Regular building cleaning helps prevent slips and falls by addressing moisture on floors, reducing trip hazards, and also getting rid of dust and debris that make floors slippery.

Preventing Moisture on Floors

Wet floors are a huge concern when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Moisture of any kind can make floors slick and easily lead to falls. Janitorial services help prevent this in a couple of ways. For instance, if you have a day porter on site, they can immediately clean up any spills or moisture to dry the area and prevent falls. In addition, your off hours janitorial crew helps keep floors dry by cleaning and maintaining floor mats designed to absorb moisture from shoes as people walk inside your building in case of wet weather.

Removing Dust and Debris that Make Floors Slick

Like water and other liquids, dust, dirt, and other debris can actually make your floors more slippery. Dust and grime create a layer between your floors and people’s shoes, which reduces traction and can increase the risk for slips and falls. However, frequent Houston building cleaning helps remove dust and dirt from floors for a squeaky clean appearance and a safer facility.

Houston Janitorial Services Address Clutter

Clutter is a serious problem in workplaces. It doesn’t just look bad, it’s a trip hazard. Clutter reduces free floor space and can make it easy to fall if you’re not careful. Houston janitorial services help you reduce clutter by moving items to designated areas to ensure everyone has a clear path in your facility. 

Reducing Fire Hazards

Fires can be catastrophic for any business. Fires can cause not only tremendous property damage and expense, but also put people at risk for injury or death. There are many potential causes of workplace fires, some of which Houston janitorial services can help reduce. For instance, high amounts of dust in a facility can lead to a fire in many ways. Dust is often combustible and acts as an insulator. Unfortunately, this can be a deadly combination, especially when paired with electrical equipment like computers in your workplace. Dust can cause the electrical system to heat up and also act as a fuel for a fire. Removing dust through regular cleaning can help reduce some of these risks. 

In addition, clutter is another common risk factor for serious workplace fires. If a fire starts, clutter can feed it and make it worse, allowing it to spread faster through your building and also increasing size and smoke volume. Therefore, cleaning up clutter in your facility is also important for fire safety.

Houston Janitorial Services Help Remove Harmful Germs

Cleaning is important for health and safety and can also improve trust between you and your customers and employees. As you know, regular cleaning and disinfecting reduces germs in your building, which can also decrease the risk of illnesses spreading to others. This is especially important after living through the COVID-19 pandemic for the last few years. Surveys show that cleaning is essential for both customers and employees to feel safe inside a given business. Frequent, visible cleaning is linked not only with health and safety, but also better perceptions of your business. 

Your Janitorial Crew Keeps Light Fixtures Clean and Dust-Free for Brighter Light

Proper lighting is critical for visibility. Yet, many facilities have dim lights without knowing why. Often, dust will coat the surfaces of the light fixtures and block light from the workplace. One simple way to improve lighting for safety in your building is to have your janitorial crew dust the light fixtures regularly. This also has the added benefit of reducing overheating, which can reduce the service life of the lights and also may increase the risk of a fire. 

Houston Janitorial Services Can Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Another lesser-known benefit of Houston janitorial services is that they can help improve indoor air quality in your building. Cleaning helps remove dust, pollen, germs, and other contaminants that can reduce air quality and make it unsafe for people with respiratory sensitivities like asthma. In addition to a good ventilation system, cleaning can do wonders for your indoor air quality. Services like regular vacuuming, cleaning with microfiber towels that trap dust and debris, and also using safe cleaning chemicals in your building can all help improve air quality for those inside your building. 

Maintaining Your Building with Houston Janitorial Services

While many other Houston commercial cleaning companies don’t offer maintenance, our team does as part of janitorial solutions. Building maintenance is also an important part of improving safety in your building. You might think this goes without saying, yet many facility managers neglect regular building maintenance. Imagine if you had no one to tighten hinges on doors, replace electrical outlet covers, and take care of other tasks around your building. These can all pose a hazard to safety and also affect the perceived professionalism of your building. 

Accredited Building Services – Houston Commercial Cleaning for Your Business

When you need janitorial solutions for your business, look no further than our experts at Accredited Building Services. We are a leading commercial cleaning company in Houston and Beaumont offering comprehensive services for your facility. Our crew is here to provide you with top quality services at affordable prices. We are a local company and have been offering superior cleaning and maintenance services since 1980. Contact us now to get a free quote for your business!