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Remember to include less frequent Houston janitorial services in your contract, like air vent dusting.

When considering Houston janitorial services for your business, you may be wondering exactly how often you need certain cleaning services. For example, will your cleaning crew clean and disinfect hard-to-clean items every single night? This all depends on your specific needs, which is why custom cleaning contracts are vital for getting the most cost-effective services your business needs. However, there are many hard-to-clean items and areas that you may not need to address until your next deep cleaning. Whenever possible, it’s important to clean and disinfect or sanitize items to help remove germs. Therefore, ensure your cleaning contract includes all these periodic services for your business.

Deep Cleaning Houston Janitorial Services

Daily Houston janitorial services can help clean and disinfect high touch surfaces. Some examples of high touch areas include light switches, desks, and door knobs. However, your business also needs regular deep cleaning. Deep cleaning services are more thorough Houston commercial cleaning services that you do periodically, rather than every day. For example, most businesses don’t need daily carpet shampooing, as carpets don’t get that dirty after one day. However, over time, surfaces inside your building can start to accumulate dirt, grime, and germs, which is why you should schedule deep cleaning Houston janitorial services at least once a year. Deep cleaning includes cleaning and disinfecting areas that usually aren’t touched very often to remove contaminants that can make your customers and staff sick and negatively impact your equipment.

Houston Janitorial Services for Cleaning and Disinfecting

Houston janitorial services should include cleaning and disinfecting to help your business maintain a great reputation and keep those inside your building healthy. Cleaning involves removing visible dirt and grime and helps improve the look of surfaces inside your building. Cleaning also helps remove some of the germs that live on these surfaces that can make your customers and staff sick. 

Disinfecting and sanitizing refer to killing germs on surfaces. Disinfecting means killing at least 99.9% of pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Sanitizing means killing 99.9% of bacteria on a surface. It’s important to understand that soft surfaces can be cleaned or sanitized. However, disinfectants aren’t rated for soft surfaces like they are for hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your janitorial crew disinfects all the areas and items that can be safely disinfected.  Disinfecting and sanitizing in addition to Houston commercial cleaning can help reduce sickness and absenteeism in your business.

Hard-to-Clean Areas and Items

What kind of areas can you expect your cleaning crew to take care of during deep office cleaning? In most cases, deep cleaning Houston janitorial services take care of hard-to-reach or hard-to-clean areas, depending on your specific cleaning contract. Generally, these areas don’t need cleaning services every day or week, but can collect contaminants over time. Therefore, deep cleaning services should include hard-to-reach areas and also items that require specialized tools and methods for cleaning, such as soft surfaces

Difficult to Reach Areas

In most cases, areas that you need a ladder to reach are prime targets for deep cleaning. For example, light fixtures need dusting periodically to remove dust and cobwebs. Dusty light fixtures don’t just leave a bad impression on anyone that looks up at them, they may also pose a fire hazard for your business. Therefore, ensure your Houston janitorial services contract includes routine cleaning services for light fixtures. 

Also, air vents are a common place to dust during deep cleaning sessions for your office. In most cases, people aren’t touching your vents very often, which means they often don’t need daily or weekly cleaning. However, dust can start to settle on vents in your office, which may decrease indoor air quality in your business. This may lead to an increase in allergies and respiratory problems for your staff. Therefore, it’s vital to include high up and hard to reach areas as part of your Houston commercial cleaning contract.

Cleaning behind furniture is another vital deep cleaning service. In most businesses, it’s impractical and unnecessary to move every piece of furniture every time your cleaning crew vacuums. However, during your office deep cleaning, it’s a good idea to move furniture around to clean these areas thoroughly that don’t get used as often. 

Soft Surfaces

Additionally, soft surfaces can be difficult to clean, but luckily normally only need periodic cleaning because they pose less risk of spreading germs. For instance, carpets are soft surfaces that usually only require deep cleaning every three to six months. Carpet shampooing from your Houston janitorial services team can help remove dirt and grime that collects in carpet fibers over time. Without proper Houston janitorial services for carpets, this can lead to dingy-looking carpet and even musty odors in your business. 

Upholstered office furniture is another area where you may need help from your cleaning crew. Upholstery cleaning is much like carpet shampooing, and in most cases you only need these services a few times a year, depending on your business. Some examples of upholstered office items you may need Houston commercial cleaning services for include office chairs, waiting room or lobby chairs, and cubicle walls. 

Comprehensive Houston Janitorial Services from Accredited Building Services

At Accredited Building Services, we work with you to design the perfect custom cleaning contract for your business. Our services are designed to suit your needs and your budget to help you leave a great impression and keep your workplace safe and healthy. Since 1980, we’ve been providing comprehensive janitorial services for businesses of all types and sizes. Our team provides all the services your business needs, from regular cleaning to general maintenance and remodeling services. Our goal is to help you create a space you’re proud to work in. We are proud to never subcontract our services, so you know exactly who you’re giving your keys to. Call us today at (281) 578-2296 to learn more and request a quote for your business. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!