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Person performing Houston commercial cleaning services inside an office.
Humans still provide the best Houston commercial cleaning services compared to robots.

With today’s technological advancements, we’re seeing more and more robots replace traditional labor in many industries. Cleaning is no exception, and businesses are now turning to commercial cleaning robots as a potential replacement for Houston commercial cleaning services. But is this really the best option?

At first glance, it seems like an ideal solution – autonomous bots with no need for training, no sick days, and always consistent results. But when it comes to Houston commercial cleaning services, robots may not be the best choice after all.

At Accredited Building Services, we have a firm grasp of how to ensure your workplace fosters comfort and productivity through clean workspaces. As such, our vast selection of Houston janitorial services will take care of all your cleaning needs, from regular upkeeps to deep cleans. Contact us today for a free quote – it’ll be the first step towards finding the ideal plan tailored to you and your business.

In the meantime, we’ve put together this guide to explain why businesses should use human janitorial services instead of robots.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services: Are Robots Replacing Humans?

There has been much debate in the business community over whether robots should replace humans in Houston commercial cleaning services. While cleaning robots may seem attractive due to their ability to operate autonomously, they still lack the human touch when it comes to cleaning commercial buildings.

For example, robots cannot detect and respond quickly to messes or spills that may arise in an office kitchen, lobby, or restroom. They also cannot recognize and adequately clean intricate parts of a building, such as baseboards and window sills requiring detailed attention.

In addition, robots are not able to identify and adequately sanitize items that may be harboring germs or bacteria. For instance, surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and keyboards need extra attention to keep them germ-free. A robot simply cannot do this job the same way a human can.

Robots may also be able to clean items around the room, but they cannot move or properly organize them in the way that humans can. This means that while robots may save time on cleaning, they often don’t provide the same level of organization and neatness that human janitorial services can offer.

Why You Still Need Houston Commercial Cleaning Services from a Human Team

Humans are still vastly more capable of good cleaning and disinfection. They can tackle services that robots cannot. They can also see issues and use their reasoning to determine what needs cleaning and when.

For example, they can see smudges on the walls or water stains on the ceiling that a robot may not notice, and they can decide on the best time and way to clean the areas. Human janitors can also advise businesses on necessary paint jobs, wall repairs, and other services that may need to be done that can otherwise go unnoticed.

In addition, humans can customize their cleaning services based on the needs of a business. For instance, if a reception area needs extra attention due to high foot traffic, a team of janitorial staff can easily adjust their schedule to accommodate this need. Cleaning robots, on the other hand, are unable to do this reasoning process.

Finally, humans provide an extra layer of accountability and security that robots cannot. Janitorial staff can deter theft and other criminal activity since they are physically present on the premises. Robots, however, cannot offer this same service. They also won’t call you or the police if they find something amiss the way that humans will. 

For businesses, relying on Houston janitorial services from competent people can ensure your premises are clean and secure. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that the environment is orderly and hygienic, but you also feel safe in the presence of vigilant professionals.

Disadvantages of Robots for Houston Commercial Cleaning Services

As mentioned above, robots lack the human touch when it comes to commercial cleaning. However, there are other disadvantages as well, such as:

1. Expense

Robots are typically costly, especially compared to hiring a team of human janitors. Even though robots may save time in the long run, their upfront costs can be prohibitive for many businesses.

2. High Maintenance

Robots require regular maintenance and periodic upgrades to keep them running and up-to-date. To ensure optimal performance, the brushes must be free of tangles, and the air filters must be replaced periodically. They also need software updates to ensure that they can handle the latest advances in cleaning technology. This can be time-consuming and costly for businesses, as they may need to hire technicians or invest in new parts regularly.

3. Malfunctions/Breakdowns

Robots are still machines, and as such, they are prone to malfunctions or breakdowns. This can be inconvenient for businesses since repairing or replacing the robot takes time. On the other hand, human janitorial staff don’t really break down and can usually quickly address any issues that arise during their shifts.

4. Only Work In Large, Open Spaces

Robots typically work best in large, open spaces with no obstacles. Therefore, they are unsuitable for smaller businesses or those with a lot of furniture and equipment.

Human janitorial staff are much better suited for these types of environments. They can easily move around items and clean more efficiently without needing to stop and adjust the robot’s settings constantly.

5. Need Multiple Machines

Robots are usually limited to one or two rooms at a time, meaning businesses need to purchase multiple units to cover the entire building. This can be costly and impractical for smaller businesses. Human janitorial staff, however, can clean an entire building with only a few people.

6. Consumables are Expensive

Robots must be regularly stocked with consumables such as wipes, paper towels, and cleaning chemicals. And in most cases, you have to get these consumables from the robot’s manufacturer, which can be more expensive than buying them in bulk. On the other hand, human janitors can purchase cleaning supplies at discounted rates.

7. They Don’t Do Everything a Human Does

As mentioned previously, robots are limited in their ability to clean hard-to-reach places and perform necessary upkeep. For example, they can’t clean windows or do other tasks that require a human touch. Human janitors can easily handle these tasks and provide businesses with a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Trust – Accredited Building Services

At the end of the day, it is clear that Houston commercial cleaning services from humans are still essential for businesses. Though robots may provide some advantages in specific scenarios, there are still many tasks that only human staff can handle.

So if you’re about to hit that search button on reliable, cost-effective Houston business cleaning near me, it’s best to choose a professional human janitorial service. They will be able to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution that fits your needs and budget.

At Accredited Building Services, we believe in delivering the best Houston commercial cleaning services that any business can get. Our team of experienced janitors are fully trained and certified, and we make sure to use only top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment to ensure a safe, spotless environment for every single customer. We communicate with our clients every step of the way, and we guarantee customer satisfaction with each job.

So if you’re looking for quality Houston commercial cleaning services that deliver results, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote and discuss how we can help make your business cleaner and more productive.