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Clean and orderly office kitchen space with Houston cleaning companies services
Houston cleaning companies can take care of your office kitchen, making sure it is sanitized and sparkling clean.

If you own or manage an office in Houston, then you know that having a clean staff kitchen and lunchroom is very important. Using one of your local professional Houston commercial cleaning companies to regularly scrub down and sanitize these spaces makes everyone’s jobs easier. 

With kitchens of their own to clean at home, employees can sometimes be less than enthusiastic about cleaning the kitchen at their workplace, too. Employing a reputable commercial cleaning team can help keep kitchen surfaces sparkly clean, the lunchroom inviting, and staff focused on their work.

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Houston Commercial Cleaning Is Thorough and Hygienic

A good Houston commercial cleaning company should utilize appropriate cleaning products to thoroughly clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces. Cleaning is the first step to a hygienic kitchen. Cleaning uses detergent to clear away soil or spills, but this doesn’t kill bacteria or other microorganisms. Sanitizing is the second step of the process which kills bacteria and ensures a clean office kitchen or lunchroom. It’s important to follow both steps in order as sanitizing will be much less effective if surfaces aren’t cleaned first.

There are four main categories of commercial cleaning products used in kitchens:

  • Detergents: These are the most common type of cleaning solution. They work by breaking down dirt or soil, which can then be easily washed away.
  • Degreasers: They may also be called solvent cleaners. They help remove grease from surfaces such as oven tops and counters.
  • Abrasives: These are solutions or chemicals that use rubbing or scrubbing action to clean dirt from hard surfaces.
  • Acids: As the most powerful type of cleaning agent, these must be used carefully. They can be corrosive if not diluted correctly.

Hiring a day porter cleaning service versus assigning employees to clean the kitchen may be a more economical choice in the end. Commercial cleaning crews are able to clean more effectively and safely than untrained staff. They have the proper equipment, supplies, and experience to clean thoroughly yet quickly. 

When factoring in the costs of cleaning supplies, equipment, training, and time spent by internal staff on cleaning that could be spent on core business tasks, outsourcing often proves the more budget-friendly decision for businesses in the long run. For a sparkling clean and hygienic kitchen space, partnering with Houston commercial cleaning companies is an investment worth making.

Health and Safety Requirements in Office Spaces

Ensuring kitchens and lunchrooms are clean helps maintain compliance with health and safety standards. Although OSHA does not have regulations in place specific to office kitchens, its general regulations provide an overarching standard for the office as a whole. 

Applicable guidelines from the OSHA Small Business Safety and Health Handbook include:

  • Safety and health is a top priority.
  • The workplace is clean, orderly, and sanitary.
  • Workers do not eat or drink in any areas where hazardous substances are present.
  • A list or inventory of all hazardous chemicals in the workplace has been prepared (including housekeeping/cleaning chemicals).
  • Perform routine environmental cleaning and disinfection, especially all frequently touched surfaces, such as workstations, countertops, handrails, and doorknobs.
  • Ensure potable water is provided for drinking, personal hygiene, cooking, washing of goods, washing of utensils, washing of food preparation or processing premises.

OSHA offers a free on-site consultation program for small and medium sized businesses. This consultation helps create an improved plan for better workplace safety and health conditions, which enhances employee morale and welfare, and can save costs due to reduced injury or illness. Keeping a spotless, hygienic kitchen and breakroom is just one part of a good plan that leads to a more pleasant work environment and minimizes liability risks.

Working With Your Employees to Maintain a Clean Space 

To help maintain a clean and safe office kitchen between commercial cleanings, your employees can also take some simple but impactful steps. It should only take a few minutes to tackle these small responsibilities on a regular basis. The result should be a pleasant space that reflects well on a company’s culture and creates an environment where people enjoy taking breaks and collaborating.

The plan could address tasks or items such as:

  • Assign a person to check expiration dates for shared items in the fridge as milk, sauces, etc.
  • Create a policy regarding employees storing/leaving personal items in the fridge.
  • Determine how often the fridge will be cleared out entirely so it can be disinfected.
  • Communicate that employees should use airtight containers or wrap food to avoid cross contamination, especially if there are coworkers with food allergies.
  • Develop a policy for employees to clean up dishes or food messes after themselves if using the kitchen.
  • Decide if sponges, dish cloths, and dish towels will be provided and how they will be laundered, if applicable.
  • Provide appropriate trash bins for food, in coordination with a policy for food waste not to be put in desk trash cans. 

Rather than tasking employees with regular cleaning or expecting them to maintain high cleanliness standards on their own, a commercial cleaning service will visit on a consistent schedule to deep clean the kitchen and lunchroom. From wiping down surfaces and appliances to mopping floors and emptying the trash, their services allow your team to focus on their responsibilities while enjoying a clean space to recharge and refuel. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning Companies for a Deep Clean 

The benefits of working with Houston commercial cleaning companies to maintain a clean office kitchen are clear. Not only do you ensure that your work environment is hygienic and safe for others, it also helps reduce stress levels amongst employees. The cost of a professional janitorial service may be higher than DIY solutions, but the peace of mind provided by having thorough and consistent cleaning in your kitchen and lunchroom allows employees to be more relaxed on their breaks and more productive during their work hours. 

Accredited Building Services gives you access to professional support for any emergency cleaning issues or maintenance requests should they arise. We strive to make sure every customer’s experience is seamless and leave them with a clean, comfortable space at all times. Contact our team today for a quote!