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Don’t worry about coffee spills on your office carpet, your Houston commercial cleaning crew can help remove carpet spots and stains.

Carpet inside your business can help reduce noise and also offers a slip-resistant surface for staff and customers to walk on. However, without regular Houston commercial cleaning, your carpet can leave a negative impression on your customers. Stained and spotted carpet in your business can make your business look unprofessional. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you receive professional Houston janitorial services for carpet spots and stains. Also, there are several steps your company can take to help prevent spots and stains. This can save you money, as you won’t need to replace the carpet as often.

Houston Commercial Cleaning For Spots and Stains

Commercial carpet is a great option for your business, but it can also absorb spills. This can lead to spotting and staining. This can permanently damage your carpet. However, your Houston commercial cleaning crew offers proven methods to help keep your carpets looking great. The first step is identifying whether an area is spotted or stained. Then, your cleaning crew can determine the right chemicals and equipment to use.

Carpet Spots vs. Stains

While many use the words interchangeably, carpet spots and stains are quite different. A spot is when something changes the texture of your carpet. For example, tracked in dirt or ground-in chewing gum are carpet spots you might find in your business. By contrast, stains are when something has added color to the fibers of your carpet, but doesn’t affect the texture. Spots can often turn into stains if left untreated. For instance, if you spill coffee, it begins as a spot, since the liquid affects the texture of your carpet. However, left untreated it may also become a stain. Often, a little time is the only thing that separates a spot from a stain. However, identifying whether your carpet is spotted or stained will affect which Houston commercial cleaning methods are needed to remove the blemish from your carpet.

Different Houston Commercial Cleaning Methods for Different Spots and Stains

Depending on whether your carpet has spots or stains, your Houston janitorial services professionals may need to use different cleaning solutions or equipment to remove it. In some cases, spots only need a little bit of water and detergent to remove. Removing a spot will help restore your office carpet to the right texture. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that carpet spots are always easy to remove. For example, oil-based spots often require special dry solvents. These help draw the spot out of carpet fibers. Spots also typically need special equipment to dry out or extract them if they’re caused by liquid. 

Stains, on the other hand, usually require specialized stain removers, which remove color from the area. Using a stain remover on a spot can easily discolor your carpet.  This can make your flooring look faded and worn. That’s why it’s essential to have professional Houston commercial cleaning experts take care of the carpet in your business.

Also, what caused the stain in the first place is important as well, as it affects which type of cleaning solution your crew needs to use. For example, common commercial carpet soils include food and coffee spills. Most carpet spots caused by food will need to be treated with enzyme-based cleaners. Coffee, however, may need a hydrogen peroxide cleaning product to help remove it from your carpet.

Preventing Carpet Spots and Stains

If left untreated for too long, spots and stains can become a permanent fixture of your company’s carpet. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that your Houston commercial cleaning crew and your business as a whole works together to help prevent marks on your carpet. There are a few different ways you can achieve this to help keep your carpets looking good for years to come.

Houston Commercial Cleaning to Stop Spots and Stains

Frequent Houston commercial cleaning for your carpet is a good way to help stop carpet spots and stains in their tracks. For example, regular vacuuming can help remove dirt from your carpet that, over time, could get ground into the fibers and create a stain. Frequent visits from your Houston janitorial services company also helps your crew find and treat spots and stains as soon as possible. Many stains begin to set within 24 hours. Therefore, ensure that your cleaning crew comes often enough to catch carpet spots before they become permanent.

Your cleaning crew can also apply commercial carpet soil protection to help repel spills, dirt, and other things that can infiltrate your carpet’s fibers. Also, routine deep cleaning like carpet shampooing is a must for keeping your carpets looking good. It also helps remove particles that vacuums can’t pick up that may, over time, start to stain and discolor your carpets. Therefore, be sure you design. carpet care program to fit your business. This is a great way to create a positive image to staff and customers as well as save you money on frequent carpet replacement.

Other Preventative Measures

In addition to working with your Houston commercial cleaning company, there are some other things you can do to help prevent carpet spots and stains. A great way to help ensure your carpets stay in good condition is to make sure your employees know what to do if they spill something on the carpet. For example, make it a policy that they should try to blot the area dry as soon as it happens to help prevent spots and stains. Taking a few minutes to do so can make a big difference. Ensure you have supplies to handle these small spills. 

Some of the most common spots and stains we see on commercial carpets are from food. Another way your business can help avoid carpet stains is to designate an eating space in your workplace. This can help contain food to one area in your business so there are fewer accidental food spills. It’s even better if this eating space features hard flooring like tile, which is less likely to stain.

Also, over time, tracked in dirt can get embedded in your carpet fibers and cause staining. While Houston commercial cleaning like vacuuming and regular carpet shampooing helps prevent this, it can still be quite an issue for some businesses. In fact, 80% of the dirt in your workplace is likely tracked inside within 12 feet of the entrance to your building. However, placing area rugs can help prevent this issue and help you avoid dirt spots and stains on your commercial carpet.

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