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Office needs Houston commercial cleaning services for carpets
Regular Houston commercial cleaning services and other preventative measures can help make your carpets last longer.

Office carpets are a great option for many workplaces. They provide a welcoming, more homey feel to your office and also help reduce and absorb noise. However, carpets can wear out quite quickly without the right care. Most commercial carpets last about ten years, provided that they receive the right care and use. There are several ways to help increase the lifespan of your commercial carpets, including regular Houston commercial cleaning services. In this article, we offer some tips for reducing wear and tear on your office’s carpeted floors. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Office Carpets

When you think of carpet cleaning, you likely think of deep cleaning services using steam or extraction systems. These Houston commercial cleaning services are certainly important, but they’re just part of the story when it comes to commercial carpet care. In addition to regular deep cleaning, it’s also important to remember other types of cleaning your carpet needs. For example, vacuuming, spot treatments, and stain removal. There are many different types of cleaning services that help keep your carpet in good condition and restore it to look like new. Our team can discuss the many floor care services we offer based on your specific carpet. We are here to ensure you receive all the services your facility needs for proper carpet cleaning. 

How Long Do Carpets Last? What Makes Them Wear Out?

How long a carpet lasts depends on many different factors, including the quality and material of the carpet, the amount of traffic it receives, what kind of care it receives, and the materials and substances it is exposed to on a regular basis. For example, carpet in a room that is tucked away from major entrances that few people use is likely going to last much longer than the carpet just inside your front door. 

As far as what makes carpet wear out, this also depends, too. Like all materials, time will take a toll on carpet even if it’s hardly ever used. In addition to time, dirt and grime are a serious threat to your carpet’s lifespan. Even small amounts of dirt act like sandpaper on carpet fibers, wearing them down and causing them to fray over time. Foot traffic is also hard on carpeted floors. 

There are also things that can cause almost immediate damage to your office carpets. For instance, moving heavy furniture is a common way for carpets to tear. Spilling certain things on a carpet can also cause stains that may be difficult to remove and can make your carpet look bad. 

Another thing to consider about old, neglected carpets is that they can develop an unpleasant odor. Smells can range from musty to sour, depending on the root cause. Old, dirty carpets can also harbor germs, allergens, and pollutants that can make people sick if you don’t care for them properly. Therefore, there are many reasons to invest in proper Houston commercial cleaning services and floor care for your commercial building. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Carpets

There are many ways to help make your carpets last longer, including through regular Houston janitorial services. Here, we have a break down of the most effective tips for extending the expected life of your commercial carpets:

Frequent Houston Commercial Cleaning Services

One of the first ways for making your commercial carpets last longer is to make sure you clean them regularly. As we mentioned, dirt and grime can increase wear and tear on your carpets and also make them look dirty or dingy. Some Houston commercial cleaning services you need for your carpets include frequent vacuuming and deep cleaning. 

Daily Vacuuming During Houston Janitorial Services

Daily vacuuming is a must for proper carpet care. Vacuuming helps remove the dirt, allergens, and other substances that can harm your carpets. Therefore, we recommend Houston commercial cleaning services that include vacuuming along with other daily activities like emptying trash cans and disinfecting high touch surfaces. 

Regular Deep Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Carpets

Deep cleaning is also important. Carpet cleaning involves using special machines and cleaning products to penetrate deep into carpet fibers and remove dirt, grime, soils, and stains. Generally, you should schedule deep carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year. However, keep in mind that higher traffic areas may need more frequent cleaning. Some buildings schedule carpet cleaning for high traffic areas once a quarter or even once a month based on how quickly carpets get dirty.

Placing Mats at Potential Dirt and Grime Sources

One way to help prevent premature carpet wear is to reduce how much dirt, grime, and moisture gets onto your carpets in the first place. Many facilities use floor mats near entrances and exits to help remove most of the dirt and debris from people’s shoes. This can be incredibly effective at keeping your office carpets in good condition. 

Don’t Forget Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Floor Mats

While mats work well to prevent carpet wear, keep in mind that they will need regular cleaning as well. Daily vacuuming and regular deep cleaning are also important for floor mats. Like carpets, floor mats can absorb a lot of dirt and grime from people’s shoes. If you leave your floor mats dirty, they can actually become a source of dirt tracking, rather than a preventative measure. So, keep this in mind as you design a Houston office cleaning schedule for your facility. 

Use Mats for Heavy Furniture and Office Chairs

Heavy furniture like desks and office chairs can also damage your office carpet in many ways, including permanently matting and flattening carpet fibers. Therefore, we recommend using mats to help take some of the pressure off your carpets. Desk and chair mats also have the added bonus of catching any crumbs or spills from people who eat at their desks. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Outside Grounds and Entryways

Another way to help prevent the amount of dirt and grime that make it to your carpet and cause wear and tear is to clean up your facility’s exterior. Houston janitorial services can include things like power washing and sweeping important areas outside your facility. Some key areas include parking lots, sidewalks, and entrances. This can reduce the amount of dirt visitors’ shoes pick up and transfer to your building’s carpet. 

Investing in the Right Carpet Care Services

Of course, it’s also vital to make sure you use the right carpet care services for your facility. Using the incorrect cleaning methods or products can seriously damage your carpets. Also, if you choose an inexperienced team to handle the job, carpet cleaning services may not be as effective at removing potentially harmful dirt and grime. To help keep your carpets in good condition, choose a team that prioritizes quality. 

Comprehensive Houston Office Cleaning from Accredited Building Services

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