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Accredited Building Services provides janitorial cleaning services to hundreds of offices a night. How do you generate enthusiasm when there are times you are facing tasks that may not be the most pleasant or interesting? Janitorial cleaning is not an easy, nor a particularly glamorous, profession. One way is to understand that you work for a company- the customer- and you are providing an important cleaning service for that company. You matter, even if it doesn’t look like it. Mainly, it is imperative that we take personal pride in whatever we set out to accomplish. It’s proven that if you make a conscious effort to emulate enthusiasm that it will actually make you enthusiastic about your job. No one wants to be around unmotivated people. Be enthusiastic, it’s contagious.

“Enthusiasm brushes off on those with whom you come into contact, those you work with and for. You must have enthusiasm, especially if you’re a leader or if you wish to become a leader.”

-John Wooden

How do we maintain a positive morale? The key is to create an atmosphere that respects the individual and recognizes their achievements. Morale is an attitude, one that tells the employee that they are important. This attitude translates into better janitorial cleaning for the customer and better morale for the employee.

“Morale is a state of mind. It is steadfastness and courage and hope. It is confidence and zeal and loyalty. It is spirit and determination. It is staying power, the spirit which endures to the end. The will to win. With it all things are possible, without it everything else, planning, preparation, production, count for naught.”

-General George C. Marshall