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Cleaning professional performing Houston office cleaning services
Houston office cleaning services are very different from cleaning your house.

Houston office cleaning services help keep your workplace clean and in top shape. However, you might be wondering how different these services are from normal house cleaning. For instance, you might want to try your hand at cleaning a small office yourself, or having employees do the cleaning to save on costs. Perhaps you’ve found a residential cleaner with cheap hourly rates. Well, a word of caution – office cleaning is a lot different from house cleaning. In fact, they’re on two completely different spectrums. In this blog, you’ll learn some of the differences between residential and commercial cleaning and why you need to hire experienced office cleaners for the job. 

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Are Houston Office Cleaning Services Really that Different from House Cleaning?

The simple answer is yes, office cleaning is completely different from cleaning your home. You probably have some experience with cleaning your house and have a basic routine on how to do it to your liking. This can mislead you to believe that cleaning an office is pretty simple. However, office cleaning services are completely different. It’s not just a step up from home cleaning, it’s a different ball game altogether. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right team for your office cleaning needs. It’s essential to choose a crew with the right experience and equipment for the job. Think of it this way – just because someone drives a car to work every day doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills and knowledge needed to drive a city bus. The same is true of people who clean their own homes versus professionals who provide Houston office cleaning services. 

Important Differences Between Houston Office Cleaning Services and Residential Cleaning

So, what exactly are the differences between residential and commercial cleaning? There’s actually quite a few! Knowing the differences can help you understand the real necessity of an experienced office cleaning crew and help you make sure you choose the right company for the job. Here are just some of the many differences between home cleaning and office cleaning:

Offices Need More Disinfection & Germ Control

One key thing to note about Houston office cleaning services is that they often involve a lot of steps to help with infection control. Germs are everywhere in your office and they can make people sick. There are many different people in your office, including employees, visitors, interviewees, clients, and maintenance professionals. That’s a lot of people that can bring in a lot of different germs, including ones that can live on surfaces and lie in wait for someone to infect. Unfortunately, illnesses can spread very quickly throughout an office and affect many people. This includes diseases like COVID-19, flu, as well as stomach viruses, all of which can increase absenteeism and seriously hinder productivity. 

At home, you probably worry about germs, too. However, you’re probably dealing with a lot fewer germs than in an office. Most homes are perfectly fine with simple surface cleaning, and sanitizing things after certain activities, like handling raw meat in the kitchen. However, with offices, you likely need cleaning and disinfection on a more regular basis. In most cases, workplaces need daily disinfection of high touch surfaces to control the spread of germs. 

Houston Office Cleaning Services Address Areas with Many People

Keep in mind that Houston commercial cleaning is designed to help clean buildings with a lot of traffic. Even small offices will have a lot more people in them than the average home. This not only means more germs, like we’ve mentioned above, but also a lot more messes. As you can imagine, 20 people can track in a lot more dirt and grime than four or five. So, Houston office cleaning services need to tackle bigger and more significant cleaning issues than any home cleaner (yes, even if you have a couple of really messy toddlers running around). 

Office Cleaning Involves Bigger Spaces

Another difference between residential and commercial cleaning is that office cleaning often involves much larger spaces. Crews need to work together efficiently over much larger spaces to get the job done correctly. As you can imagine, it takes more work and time to clean ten toilets as opposed to one. There’s a lot more ground to cover and a lot more to clean in the average office compared to a normal home. This also affects not only the amount of work, but how a Houston building cleaning crew cleans to really optimize every minute. 

Houston Commercial Cleaning Has Different Routines and Schedules

Houston office cleaning services also involve completely different schedules and routines. For instance, offices may need carpet cleaning a few times a year to keep the carpets looking good and in top condition, while homes likely only need annual carpet cleaning. Also, workplaces usually need daily cleaning after everyone goes home, while most homes can handle a few days between some cleaning tasks, with one or two small things each day like tidying or wiping down kitchen countertops. To illustrate some of the differences, look up a home cleaning checklist and an office cleaning checklist and compare. You’ll find they’re totally different. 

Houston Office Cleaning Services Clean Different Kinds of Materials

Additionally, office cleaning services clean fixtures and finishes that are completely different from the ones you find in a home. Offices generally use commercial grade building materials. These come with specific cleaning and maintenance needs. For instance, vinyl composite tiles need regular stripping and waxing to keep them in good shape. Your office cleaning crew may also need to use different tools and cleaning products on commercial grade finishes and fixtures than you might use at home. 

Choosing the Right Houston Building Cleaning Team for Your Office

Now you know some of the important differences between home and office cleaning, you know why it’s essential to choose a team that has experience and training for Houston commercial cleaning. One thing to check for is years in the business. The longer a company has been around, the more likely they are to provide a higher level of service, since their clients are obviously satisfied with them. Another thing to consider is how much they invest in training their employees in the correct cleaning methods as well as how to maintain security at a business when cleaning. The last thing you want is to get a poor quality clean or worse, find your doors unlocked after the cleaning crew leaves. The right crew will provide good training to their team and have an excellent reputation. 

Quality Houston Office Cleaning Services from Accredited Building Services

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