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If you are looking to put together a janitorial services proposal, what are the important factors to consider?

First, assess the actual janitorial services needs of your building.  This should include all the areas that you need cleaned such as restrooms, kitchens, offices, conference rooms, etc.  Then you should decide on the frequency of cleaning needed for your facility.  Make a list of actual cleaning specifications in the various areas that you have identified as needing cleaning.  An experienced janitorial services company can assist you in putting together a sample proposal based on similar facilities that they already clean.




Next, determine additional janitorial services that you will periodically need.  These can be services like carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, stripping and waxing floors, window cleaning, or exterior power washing.  These can be priced on an individual basis by your janitorial services company.

Other items that can be included in a janitorial services proposal could be the purchase of consumable items such as toilet paper and soap, the service of a day porter, or temporary extra janitorial coverage if your business is has seasonal upswings in employment and production.

Once you have outlined the cleaning specifications and frequencies, then you need to select the right janitorial services contractor.  This should entail several important considerations.

It is essential that the company has adequate general liability insurance and worker’s compensation with a reputable carrier.  Make sure that the janitorial services contractor uses qualified employees and complies with all state and federal employment laws.  Some janitorial service companies will provide you with an insurance certificate under which just the owner and a few office employees are covered.  We suggest asking the janitorial service provider how many employees they have, and then calling the insurance agent on the insurance certificate to check how many employees are covered under that insurance plan.

Another thing to ask is how the janitorial services company determines how many hours to budget for cleaning your facility.  Are they using computerized work-loading where they are just programming in the square footage of your building and spitting out a number, or are they paying attention to the specific needs of your facility and the ways that is different from other facilities in order to determine how much time it will take to clean?

Evaluate the number of years that the janitorial services company has been in business, the level and years of experience that their key employees have, and the number of customers with which they have had long-standing relationships.  It is advisable to avoid a janitorial services company that has high employee turnover, high customer turnover, and a track record of instability or inexperience.

Consider the communications systems that the janitorial services company uses.  Is there a virtual log book that can be viewed 24/7? Is there a 24/7 customer service manager?  Does the janitorial services company have a management structure that responds quickly to issues, and will come to your facility within 48 hours to meet with you face-to-face?

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a janitorial services company is the client references that the company provides for you.  It is easy to provide two good references.  Ask for eight or ten references, and call them all to ask how the company does.

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