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Like most Houston businesses, our commercial Houston janitorial business is heavily linked to the oil & gas industry. Many of the largest clients to which we provide janitorial services in Houston and Beaumont – N.O.V., Exterran, and G.E. Oil & Gas to name a few – are oil & gas industry giants. They have been hit hard by the steep decline in gas prices, and in turn so has our Houston janitorial services company. So, what have we done to keep our Houston commercial janitorial services company thriving during these times?

The answer is to diversify our client base. Religious centers like churches, mosques, and synagogues in the Houston and Beaumont area need janitorial services. Schools, day care centers, showrooms, non-profit organizations, and non-oil & gas-related industries in the Houston and Beaumont area need commercial janitorial services as well. In our 36 years as a business, we have experience providing quality janitorial service to organizations of every kind and with any need imaginable. In those 36 years we have developed janitorial service systems and an organizational structure that allows for us to provide any Houston organization the best janitorial services that there is to offer.

We as a Houston janitorial service company understand that, even if your organization is not directly in the oil & gas industry, your budget still may be hurting – budgets, donations, funding, and enrollment are all down. If your organization needs to save money, but still desires quality Houston janitorial services, Accredited Building Services would like to see what we can do for you.

Simply give us a call and we can get it taken care of cost efficiently and time efficiently. You can reach us at 281-578-2296 for a fast response to your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to call.