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A dusty work environment could make your employees sick. Houston commercial cleaning services help reduce dust in your workplace.

If you have a dusty workplace, it’s important to start Houston commercial cleaning services straight away. Dust actually carries many dangers for your business. You might know that it makes your business look bad to have visibly dusty surfaces. However, leaving dust in the workplace also carries many other risks.

Why Choose Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Dust?

While most people see dust as a nuisance, many aren’t aware of the many other dangers associated with dust. Houston commercial cleaning services help reduce the amount of dust in your workplace to help prevent these serious hazards. Removing and reducing dust in the workplace often requires specialized tools and methods, which is why it’s best to hire cleaning specialists for workplace dust.

Dust Harms Your Work Equipment

Did you know that dust can actually negatively impact your equipment? Large amounts of dust in your workplace can clog up the ventilation systems and components inside machines. This can lead to overheating, corroded components, and performance issues or break downs. Work computers are a common dust victim, though this can apply to just about any mechanical equipment. For example, if your phones constantly make static sounds, it could be due to dust in your work environment.

So, how exactly does dust break down computers and other work equipment? Dust is particularly insidious, as it often goes unnoticed until it’s already taken its toll on your equipment. For example, dust can cause tiny surface scratches on computer screens. At first they’re often unnoticeable, but over time they can make seeing the screen difficult.

When computer components begin to fill with dust, you might notice that the computer may become slow or crash frequently. The problem is that dust reduces air flow and make it harder for your computers or other equipment to cool down. This may lead to overheating.

Also, dust can combine with moisture to corrode or rust important components in your equipment. Dust absorbs moisture. Therefore, when it settles on your computer components, you may notice corrosion and rusting, even on interior parts that have never come into contact with moisture. When this occurs, you’ll likely need repairs for your equipment or even a complete replacement. Instead, Houston commercial cleaning services help remove dust from the workplace to help reduce the risk of it infiltrating your important equipment.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services Help Remove Dust that Affects Your Staff’s Health

Dust in the workplace can also cause many health issues for your staff or even your customers. Your employees are generally more at risk for dust-related health issues simply because they get exposed to the environment more often. You likely know that Houston commercial cleaning services help remove and kill germs that can make your employees sick. However, removing dust from surfaces and the indoor air can also help reduce health risks for your staff.

Dust is a common allergen. Dust at work can cause headaches, sinus and respiratory symptoms, eye irritation, and even skin rashes. You might notice your employees coughing or sneezing often, or they may experience runny or stuffy noses. Many people also experience headaches or migraines when they come into contact with dust. Different people have different dust tolerances, and some of your employees may even have a dust allergy. This can lead to productivity and illness issues. Houston commercial cleaning services to help reduce or remove dust from your work environment can help your employees feel better while they’re at work so they can be more productive throughout the day. It may also help reduce the number of sick days your employees take.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services to Reduce Dust in the Workplace

Regular Houston commercial cleaning services can help reduce the amount of dust in your work environment. However, it requires specialized cleaning methods, tools, and equipment to effectively reduce dust in your business. For example, carpets tend to absorb and retain large amounts of dust. However, dirty carpets can also release dust back into the air. Therefore, it’s important to vacuum your company’s carpets regularly. Your Houston janitorial services crew should use a vacuum with a certified HEPA filter to help with dust in your building. HEPA filters in vacuums can remove 99.97% of dust particles in the air.

You may have already guessed that regular dusting is also a must for your workplace. However, you may not know that dusting Houston commercial cleaning services require certain methods and tools. The problem with dusting with the wrong equipment, like a feather duster, is that all it does is kick the dust back into the air where people in your building can inhale it or where it can simply settle on your work surfaces again. Instead, we use equipment that helps trap the dust so we can remove it from your workplace.

Types of Dust

There are many types of dust that you may find in your facility. This often depends on the nature of your business. For example, industrial plants may be at a higher risk for metallic or mineral dust. Metallic dust is common in manufacturing facilities and may contain nickel, lead, and other harmful substances. Mineral dust is frequently found in fossil fuel facilities, such as oil refineries. Unfortunately, every workplace can be vulnerable to dust.

In offices, you may be more likely to encounter organic dust, made up of dead skin cells, dirt, and other such substances. However, even office dust has been found to contain lead, pesticides, and bacteria. Additionally, almost any building can contain biohazard dust, which may be made up of mold spores, dust mites, and other similar substances.

You may need different Houston commercial cleaning services based on the type of dust in your workplace. For example, we may need to use different vacuum filters for smaller or larger dust particles. Therefore, it’s important to hire an experienced crew with specialized cleaning training.

At Accredited Building Services, we offer high quality, affordable Houston building cleaning for businesses. If you’re concerned about dust, germs, or your professional image due to a dirty workplace, we are here to help. Our team receives in-depth training in cleaning methods and procedures so they can tackle anything in your business. Call us today at (281) 578-2296 to request a free estimate based on your cleaning needs.