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Houston commercial cleaning services can help kill and remove bacteria in your workplace that causes unpleasant odors.

Does your workplace smell? Houston commercial cleaning services help you get a nice, clean-smelling office. Unpleasant odors can distract your customers and employees and even make you lose out on business. However, before you reach for another can of air freshener, it’s important to understand why your office reeks. Your cleaning crew can address the root cause of office odors so you can focus on your daily tasks.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services Help Eliminate Office Odor-Causing Bacteria

Bad smells are often the result of bacteria that has been allowed to breed in your office. In many cases, this bacteria is left to stink up your workplace because of inadequate or infrequent Houston commercial cleaning services. As bacteria breed, they can start to cause unpleasant smells. Therefore, the key to eliminating odors is often to kill the bacteria.

In order to kill bacteria in your office, you need cleaning and disinfection Houston janitorial services. Cleaning involves removing dirt, dust, and other debris from surfaces. Disinfection involves using chemicals to kill both bacteria and viruses on a surface. The problem many businesses end up with is that many cleaning crews simply don’t know how to properly kill bacteria. For example, disinfectants often require a certain dwell time, or amount of time the disinfectant must sit on the surface before it dries or gets wiped away.

In addition, Houston commercial cleaning services must be methodical to address every area where foul-smelling bacteria can grow. Missing an area or cross-contaminating areas means allowing the potential for bacteria to grow. These bacteria don’t just cause odors, they can also spread illnesses to your staff and customers. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right cleaning company for your business. 

Common Sources of Office Odors

Office odors can pop up virtually anywhere. However, there are a few common places where they usually occur. Your Houston commercial cleaning services should address these areas in particular if you’re worried about bad smells in the workplace:

Break Rooms and Kitchen Areas

Break rooms and kitchens are a common place for bad smells to begin. If you’ve ever been in an office where someone microwaved fish or burnt some popcorn, then you know how quickly smells in the breakroom can quickly waft through the office. Break rooms are usually where the refrigerator and the microwave are. Therefore, these are common places for your employees to throw out food. Break rooms could be harboring large amounts of bacteria and causing smells in your workplace.

Houston janitorial services for break rooms and kitchen areas should address every area that could cause odors. For example, the refrigerator and microwave. These often-forgotten appliances are common sources of odors in the workplace. In addition to removing food particles or expired foods, it’s also important to disinfect these appliances to keep your building smelling fresh. Also, removing the trash and wiping out the trash can every single night can help address many of the smells that may be in your office.


Restrooms are also a common source of office odors. Urine is one of the worst smells that can infiltrate your office, and it has a tendency to stick around for a while. In addition, germs in the restroom can quickly get out of hand, sometimes even into the grout between the tiles. Restroom odors can take multiple passes from your Houston building cleaning crew to completely eliminate. Restrooms also require frequent Houston commercial cleaning services to help prevent future odors.

Cleaning the toilets and urinals is a good place to start, but you also need full restroom disinfection regularly. This includes all the surfaces and fixtures, like sink faucets, as well as the floors, doors, and even the walls. You’d be surprised where odor-causing bacteria can hide in your restrooms.

Trash Cans

Naturally, trash cans can quickly start to smell as well. Taking out garbage every night can have a major improvement on the smell of your office. However, just taking out the trash may not do the trick. Trash liners can often leak gross-smelling substances into the can itself. Therefore, part of your Houston commercial cleaning services should also include wiping down the insides and outsides of trash cans as needed.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services for Tackling Office Odors

What happens if your workplace already smells terrible? You’ll need to design Houston commercial cleaning services around the root problem of the odors. If you’re not sure of the exact cause, your cleaning crew has the specialized training to tackle office odors of all kinds.

Odor Eliminating Products

As a temporary solution, your cleaning crew will use odor eliminating products to help cover the bad smells in your office. We use a variety of different products. However, we recommend odor eliminators that encase the odor molecules to help keep your office smelling nice. While air fresheners can work, they often use strong scents which can be distracting. Also, they may not completely mask the odor and may even mix with it to create an even worse smell.

Until the root problem is addressed, odor eliminators can be helpful so you can keep your business going, even for stubborn odors that need time and multiple passes to remove. Additionally, even after the smells are gone, you may want your Houston janitorial services crew to keep spraying these products, as they leave a fresh, pleasant scent that you, your staff, and your customers may enjoy.

Houston Commercial Cleaning Services and Disinfection

Your crew will also provide the Houston commercial cleaning services and disinfection services you need to kill odor-causing bacteria. Together, we’ll design a plan of attack for your workplace. Then, our crew will get to work thoroughly cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your office. Regular Houston commercial cleaning services, such as dusting, mopping, and disinfecting high touch areas, will also help you maintain a clean-smelling office once we eliminate the odor. Also, these services can help prevent the spread of illness and also help your business look professional at all times.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery can quickly absorb dust and odors in your workplace. Therefore, we may recommend deep cleaning both carpets and upholstered furniture. These Houston commercial cleaning services not only help prevent dusty, musty, or funky odors, they also help keep carpet and furniture in good condition.

At Accredited Building Services, we offer high quality Houston janitorial services for your business. With over 40 years in the commercial cleaning industry, we offer the experience and know-how to keep your workplace looking clean and professional. We help you make an impression every single day. Our team also helps you create a custom cleaning contract, so you get the services you need without paying for the ones you don’t. Call us today at (281) 578-2296 to learn more and get a quote for your business. We are here to serve you.