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Your Houston janitorial services company chooses the appropriate cleaning products for each surface in your workplace.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s essential to have the right tools and products. If you’ve ever bought cleaning supplies for your home, you know there are many different options out there. So, how does your Houston janitorial services company choose the right cleaning products for your workplace? There are many things we consider to ensure we’re using the right cleaning solutions throughout your building for effective cleaning and disinfecting. 

Your Houston Janitorial Services Company Chooses the Right Cleaning Products for Your Workplace

When you work with an experienced Houston janitorial services company, you know that you have a whole team working diligently to keep your workplace clean. Your janitorial team has years of experience and knowledge to ensure we choose the right cleaning products to clean your workplace. This includes making sure the products we use are the most effective for the job without causing damage to surfaces or using unnecessarily harsh chemicals in your building for Houston office cleaning services.

Many People Misuse Cleaning Products

While you might not know it, you might be using cleaning products incorrectly. Surveys show that many people actually misuse cleaning products unknowingly. This can mean many things, some of which can even be life-threatening. For instance, misuse through mixing different cleaning chemicals together can create deadly gasses.

Misuse can also include things like improper dilution, using products on the wrong surfaces, or not allowing the cleaning solution to sit on the surface long enough. Since cleaning product misuse is so rampant, it’s important to choose a Houston janitorial services company you trust to use the right products and use them correctly in your workplace. 

Important Things Our Houston Janitorial Services Company Considers for Cleaning Products

When selecting a cleaning product, there are many things to consider. Here are some of the things our Houston janitorial services company thinks about for cleaning product selection:

Cleaning Products that are Safe for the Material for Houston Office Cleaning Services

One thing that your Houston janitorial services company must consider is what type of surfaces we’re working with in your office. Using the wrong cleaning products on a surface can cause permanent damage. This often means early replacement for surfaces like floors, carpets, counters, and other areas. 

Therefore, before choosing a cleaning solution for Houston commercial cleaning services, we consider the different surfaces in your building that need cleaning. From there, we can choose products that are safe for the materials so we don’t damage them while cleaning.

Our Houston Janitorial Services Company Chooses Cleaning Solutions that Are Effective for a Given Purpose

Of course, it’s also essential to choose the right cleaning products for the job. For instance, did you know that most disinfectants are completely ineffective at removing dirt and grime from surfaces and that they don’t work on dirty surfaces? Therefore, before we begin, we consider what type of cleaning is needed for a given surface. 

It’s important to use cleaning products designed specifically for a given type of cleaning. If you’ve ever used soap and water to try to clean a mirror, you probably know just how critical this is. In all likelihood, you were left with a streaky mess that was twice as hard to clean afterward. 

The same is true with any cleaning product. If you’re using a cleaning product meant to remove general dirt to try to get rid of limescale, it’s just not going to be as effective and probably won’t yield the results you want. We take care to choose products that work well for any given purpose. 

We Look for Products that are Safe for Houston Commercial Cleaning Services

You would think this goes without saying, but we also choose products that are safe to use in the workplace. Many cleaning companies choose incredibly harsh cleaning chemicals that can leave behind fumes and residues that might be harmful to your employees. However, we’re dedicated to your health and safety and make sure to not only choose safe products, but use them safely. 

Different Types of Cleaning Products and How Our Houston Janitorial Services Company Uses Them

There are many different choices of cleaning products we might use in your office. Here are some of the ways our Houston janitorial services company uses common types of cleaning agents in your workplace:

All-Purpose Cleaners

From the name, you might assume that all-purpose cleaners are good for basically everything. However, you’d be wrong. All-purpose cleaners are good for general cleaning to remove dirt from hard, non-porous surfaces. These cleaning products are usually a simple mix of soap, water, and fragrances to help with cleaning. 

Acidic vs. Alkaline Cleaners

Different cleaning products may be acidic or alkaline, which is essentially where they fall on the pH scale. Mildly acidic cleaners are great for brightening up metal surfaces and removing minerals, making them a good option for cleaning many bathroom surfaces and plumbing fixtures. 

However, if you’re dealing with grime, alkaline may be a better option. Alkaline cleaners are good at dissolving fats, oils, grease, and proteins. Therefore, we may use alkaline cleaners on surfaces that are grimy or oily.


Our Houston janitorial services company may also recommend using disinfectants in your office, particularly on high touch surfaces like door handles and light switches. These products help kill germs on the surface so they can’t infect people. As we mentioned, though, they don’t work on soiled surfaces. Therefore, we may need to clean before applying disinfectants. The good news is that most experts and health organizations say that disinfectants aren’t necessary on every surface, even to defend against COVID-19. General cleaning plus disinfecting high touch surfaces once a day is usually enough to combat common illnesses.


All-purpose cleaners are often fine for general dirt and grime. However, if you have a lot of grime or grease, then we may need to use degreasers. These are commonly used in industrial plants where we may need to clean oil spills or other greasy substances. We may also need degreasers during deep cleaning sessions to tackle areas that don’t get a lot of TLC throughout the year, such as underneath and behind the communal fridge. 

Specialty Cleaners

We may also need to use specialty cleaners designed for a certain purpose or material for your Houston office cleaning services. For instance, a common type of cleaner we use is stone cleaner for stone and tile floors. You might also need special wood floor cleaners or upholstery cleaners for furniture in your office. 

Usually, we use specialty cleaners when materials in your office are delicate or prone to damage from products of the all-purpose variety. In these cases, we may use cleaners designed especially for a certain material to ensure your office stays in great shape.

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