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Effective cost control is the goal of all janitorial services.  A primary question then becomes how can you maintain a high level of quality in your Houston and Beaumont area janitorial services and work within your budget? Labor expense is the largest cost in performing your janitorial services.  Develop standard production rates for the workloading of your office cleaning staff.  Some of the variables that affect production rates are the square footages, the occupant density of the building, the type of facility, the number and size of the restrooms, kitchens, and lunch rooms.

Industry-specific software can be utilized to input these factors and produce a detailed workloading of your janitorial services.  Or you can contact an established cleaning contractor, such as Accredited Building Services, who can help you figure out the workloading needed to effectively clean your facility to the standards you desire.  You will receive a detailed, computerized description of how you can accurately staff your building for janitorial services. Another labor cost consideration is the allocation of managerial time to supervise the cleaning staff.  Also, there are administrative costs such as payroll, human resources, insurance, personnel policy, etc.  These functions may be outsourced or you can perform them within your organization. Another significant budget item related to your janitorial services is consumable supplies which include toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, trash liners, and cleaning products.  In order to manage these costs, consider acquisition expense and the amount of time that you must possess these supplies.

It is recommended that you work with one vendor, often your Houston and Beaumont janitorial services or office cleaning company, that will not only give you competitive pricing but also deliver excellent service.  If you get directly involved with various vendors it can take up unnecessary time, and also complicate your business with processing extra purchase orders, handling invoices, and submitting payments.

Possession costs refers to supply inventory that you have to maintain and distribute internally.  Find a vendor that will keep track of your inventory and deliver when your supplies are running low.  Make sure you find an honest vendor, who will only deliver as needed.  Plenty of companies out there think that because they are in charge of keeping stock, they can deliver and charge for as much as they want – much more than you need or should be paying for. Equipment costs include vacuums, specialty floor work machines, carpet extractors, etc.  Often a Houston and Beaumont area janitorial services or office cleaning company will have stocks of these equipment and get them at cheap prices by buying this equipment in bulk.  Plus, the equipment always retains its value for a janitorial company, because the equipment can always be moved for use at a different facility if services are cancelled at the facility the equipment is currently at.  For this reason, equipment cost is an area where a janitorial services company likely can do things for cheaper than you can in house.  If you do choose to go in-house, make sure to select equipment that improves labor productivity rates, rather than just selecting the cheapest equipment.  Labor is far and away the biggest cost, so anything that can reduce labor is a worthwhile expense.

Accredited Building Services is a Houston and Beaumont area janitorial services, industrial cleaning, and office cleaning company that functions as a one source solution for all of your janitorial services needs. Don’t lose money on cleaning your Houston or Beaumont area commercial facility. Simply give us a call and we can get it taken care of cost effectively and time efficiently. You can reach us at 281-578-2296 for a fast response to your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to call.