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(And Why You Really Do!)

Are you one of the thousands of companies throughout North America without a professional cleaning service? If you are, it’s probably because you believe you don’t need one, and in many cases this is undoubtedly true. But while countless companies thrive without a professional cleaning service, it is very important to know the alternatives before deciding what’s best for you. If you’ve always gotten by just fine without a janitorial service, you might not consider the benefits of having one, and doing things internally might not be the best option for you. Here are 5 common reasons why companies think they don’t need professional cleaning:

Your Employees All Pitch in to Keep the Office Clean

Maybe you think your business is too small to require a big cleaning corporation, or professional cleaning service. This is a very common opinion among smaller businesses in the metropolitan area, and the most common reason for not outsourcing. Instead, you delegate the chores to your employees in house. However, studies show that adding mundane tasks like cleaning to central employees’ work load not only lowers office morale, but also productivity. In order to help grow and expand your company, hiring a janitorial contractor can be beneficial. Your employees will then have more time opened up to dedicate to internal financial progress.

You Have a Full Time Janitor on Staff

You know the guy who wears the full navy jumpsuit with tears in it and always seems to be lurking in a corner? The guy who never seems to have any work to do and peers at employees over a mop? The guy who possibly has a particularly unique comb over and always walks behind Jessica in case she litters?ԠYea, that’s your guy. And he’s a little bit creepy. At this point, you can’t seem to remember where you found him, but he’s far from professional.

Many times, it’s just plain unnecessary to have a janitor on full time staff. Most companies, large and small, only require cleaning at the end of the work day. Studies show that it boosts work morale to have employees come in first thing in the morning to a freshly clean office. Having a full time employee dedicated to cleaning results in that employee having lower productivity as they generally only need to clean after everyone else has left. And those long hours during the day are ones you don’t have to be paying for. Having a company come in for nightly cleaning is simply more efficient and makes your job as an employer that much simpler.

If, however, you DO happen to have very high traffic areas that require semi constant attention, it’s always better to hire a professional. Someone who is trained and who you don’t have to monitor; someone who has a boss to answer to that doesn’t have to be you. If required, Accredited Building Services can provide full time day porter staff who exemplify professionalism.

Your Mom Does It

Or not your mom. Maybe it’s a cousin, a close family friend, or someone from your church. Either way, someone who you have a close personal relationship with cleans for your company as a favor to you at a very low cost. This is a bad idea for a number of reasons. If you were to have a falling out with this friend, you would be left in a pinch scrambling to find a way to clean your offices in a hurry. In addition, professionalism is key when it comes to your companies image, and while your mother is a wonderful woman, she’s really just there because she likes being able to see you. You want to look as crisp as possible to help market your image, and there’s no better way to do that than to hire a contractor and professional cleaning service.

It’s Too Much of a Hassle to Hire a Company

Yes, it can be very intimidating when thinking about hiring a cleaning company. There are so many options and you can never be sure if you’ll get the service that you want and pay for. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it. Biting the bullet can be a big step, but once you get a company that fits you the results speak for themselves. Most companies will give you a free quote, and from there the process is simple and you can feel free to shop around to find the right fit for you and your business.

You’re in Denial

Maybe you don’t clean the office at all and you just hope that no one notices the smell that has been slowly creeping down the hall from the bathroom. Probably not, but if this is the case, then it’s time for a wake-up call. For your own sake, and your noses’ sake, this is one article that you simply need to take to heart. How your office looks is a direct reflection of how your customers view your image. If it’s not sparkling, it’s not good enough.

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