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Because our Janitorial training is second to none.

Company Training

Accredited Building Services recognizes the importance of staff training so that each employee clearly understands his or her job functions. ABS utilizes the Building Service Contractors Association International Video and Classroom Training Programs. This way, every single ABS employee is equipped with specialized cleaning skills.

Our training program consists of four elements:

  • The video training explains and demonstrates all office cleaning procedures.
  • The job breakdown instructing provide trainees with a specific routine for office cleaning procedures.
  • The skills checklist evaluates how well each person has learned and pinpoints areas that need further training.
  • The trainer’s manual teaches how to use the program and provides proper skills for performing office cleaning procedures.
Classroom Training

We start our training program with a classroom session on video. The following materials are utilized:

  • Trainer’s manual
  • Job breakdowns
  • Video instructions
  • Cleaning specifications for the building
  • Checklist
  • Evaluation

We start the session by showing the video on office cleaning. We emphasize the important points that emphasize key procedures and functions.
After the session is over, each employee is given a job breakdown for office cleaning. The job breakdown is covered with the employee one step at a time. This includes equipment, cleaning supplies and safety procedures.
We establish a cleaning routine for each employee: exactly what they do and in what order. The trainer then goes over the cleaning frequencies and establishes a daily routine.


The next phase in our training is on-the-job-training. Using the training materials as an outline, we demonstrate and explain in detail each task in the office cleaning procedure.
The trainer reviews the cleaning agents and tools used in the operation of every cleaning function. Special attention is given for rest room detail cleaning and hygiene
After the cleaning procedures have been taught, employees perform these tasks under direct supervision.


We review the security procedures of your building. Each employee reports any maintenance problems. We train our employees to adhere to your specific building security requirements. You can be confident that your business property will be safe and secure in our hands.


Once the employees have been trained and given supervised practice, the employee is evaluated. We use a skills checklist to evaluate the employee’s performance in all areas of office cleaning and pinpoint areas where further training is needed.

Current Job Openings


We offer great opportunities with our company. Full-time and/or Part-time. Must be eligible to work in the United States. Fax resume to 281-578-6488.
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Accredited Building Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer, providing employment and promotion opportunities regardless of race, color, sex, creed, or national origin.


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